Class Photo

By Alan Terrill

My class photo from 1960:
Back: Robert Page, Colin Silk, Glynis Ashley, Peter Howard, Alan Terrill, Stephen Foster, Richard Bulman, Michael Silk, Lorraine Denyer
Middle: ?, Corrine Thompson, Vanessa Mantle, John Poulton, ?, ? Kennedy, Edith Hicks, Richard Roberts, Wayne Thompson, Colin Bell, ? Hooper
Front: Maureen Saunders, Hazel Underwood, Tommy?, Bobby?, Marion Wilson, Glen Penfold, ?, ?, Graham

Are you in the photo, or can you help fill in the gaps? Andy - Editor.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL 1960' page
This page was added by Alan Terrill on 10/01/2010.
Comments about this page

Wasn't it Colin Reed not Colin Silk? and the name Robert Hooper seems to ring a bell. Marion Wilson was the first girl I ever kissed. Graham Terry on the end. Hazel Underwood was always such a minx

By Peter Howard
On 23/02/2010

My goodness Pete you look so much like my grandson Robbie in this photo. What a good clear photo this is.

By Terry Howard
On 05/03/2010

Nice to see your name pop up Peter! We can't have seen in each other in more than 40 years. Yes you're right - Colin Silk was in our year, but not in this class, it was Colin Reed. And Graham Terry - the name now comes back. You're probably right about Robert Hooper - I remember he was the son of a vicar and didn't stay that long.

By Alan Terrill
On 21/03/2010

Yes it was Colin Reed we used to play Robin Hood in the playground were there was a long rope he used to swing on, he was Robin Hood and Maureen Saunders was always Maid Marion. I think the vicar's son was David Hooper.

By Glynis Weller (nee Ashley)
On 19/06/2010

Hello its me again I think this picture is of Meeching Infants, middle row next to John Poulton is Glynis Herriott, next to her is Alexia Kennedy then Edith Hickman. I can remember when these photos were taken we all got excited because it was a big thing the photographer had a big black camera with a piece of black cloth at the back which he got underneath to take the photo bit different to the digital cameras you can get nowadays.

By Glynis Weller
On 21/06/2010

Second row Melanie Smith.

Would you like to be more specific Melanie !

 John -- Editor

By Melanie
On 13/05/2019

I can confirm that the boy, middle row, right hand end is DAVID Hooper.  Alas he died in September 2014, shortly after celebrating his 60th birthday in September 2014. His father, the Revd Robert Hooper was Rector of Newhaven between 1959-1965.

Paul Hooper

By Paul Hooper
On 07/02/2022

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