Class Photo

By Alan Terrill

My class photo from 1960:
Back: Robert Page, Colin Silk, Glynis Ashley, Peter Howard, Alan Terrill, Stephen Foster, Richard Bulman, Michael Silk, Lorraine Denyer
Middle: ?, Corrine Thompson, Vanessa Mantle, John Poulton, ?, ? Kennedy, Edith Hicks, Richard Roberts, Wayne Thompson, Colin Bell, ? Hooper
Front: Maureen Saunders, Hazel Underwood, Tommy?, Bobby?, Marion Wilson, Glen Penfold, ?, ?, Graham

Are you in the photo, or can you help fill in the gaps? Andy - Editor.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL 1960' page
This page was added by Alan Terrill on 10/01/2010.
Comments about this page

Wasn't it Colin Reed not Colin Silk? and the name Robert Hooper seems to ring a bell. Marion Wilson was the first girl I ever kissed. Graham Terry on the end. Hazel Underwood was always such a minx

By Peter Howard
On 23/02/2010

My goodness Pete you look so much like my grandson Robbie in this photo. What a good clear photo this is.

By Terry Howard
On 05/03/2010

Nice to see your name pop up Peter! We can't have seen in each other in more than 40 years. Yes you're right - Colin Silk was in our year, but not in this class, it was Colin Reed. And Graham Terry - the name now comes back. You're probably right about Robert Hooper - I remember he was the son of a vicar and didn't stay that long.

By Alan Terrill
On 21/03/2010

Yes it was Colin Reed we used to play Robin Hood in the playground were there was a long rope he used to swing on, he was Robin Hood and Maureen Saunders was always Maid Marion. I think the vicar's son was David Hooper.

By glynis weller nee Ashley
On 19/06/2010

Hello its me again I think this picture is of Meeching Infants, middle row next to John Poulton is Glynis Herriott, next to her is Alexia Kennedy then Edith Hickman. I can remember when these photos were taken we all got excited because it was a big thing the photographer had a big black camera with a piece of black cloth at the back which he got underneath to take the photo bit different to the digital cameras you can get nowadays.

By Glynis Weller
On 21/06/2010

Second row Melanie Smith.

Would you like to be more specific Melanie !

 John -- Editor

By Melanie
On 13/05/2019

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