Fort Road Rec. - c. 1955

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following photograph was taken in the mid 1950's, there are seven local young men in the picture, I can only name three, do you know the others?

Photo:left to right - ?,?,Bob Stonehouse , ?, Gilbert , ?, C Wood.

left to right - ?,?,Bob Stonehouse , ?, Gilbert , ?, C Wood.

J K Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 23/01/2010.
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You've got the name Gilbert as bottom second left, but I have a feeling that my brother Barry is at the bottom left, smoking a pipe! That's a surprise, as I can only remember him smoking a 'roll your own Rizla' and baccy. I'll have to dig out the family album and check.

By Andy Gilbert
On 24/01/2010

Have checked the album and that is Barry at the front left. My sister and I wonder if this might be a group of lads from the Boys' Club, or were they perhaps apprentices at the Marine Shops. Laurie, was your Dad training there at the time?

By Andy Gilbert
On 26/01/2010

My father, Bob would have been an apprentice at the Marine Workshops during this time, I do have a picture of the apprentices outside the Workshops, unfortunately the photograph is out of focus.

By Laurie Stonehouse
On 30/01/2010

Bottom right hand corner is Ron Smith (Fantastic pullover). Centre back row is possibly Joe Curd.

By J.Daniels
On 05/03/2010

The person in middle of the back row is Joe Curd. Looking at photo the person sitting third from left is myself and the person sitting forth from left is Ron Smith.

By Keith Fuller
On 05/03/2010

Hi Laurie.

All old mates of mine. Your Dad, top right. Joe Curd, top middle. Top left, unknown. Bottom row, right to left. Ron Smith, Keith (Dabby) Fuller, Frank [Bat] Fuller (a very bad photo I might add), Barry Gilbert.

I cannot recall having the photo taken. It could have been at the Newhaven Recreation Ground with the old wooden football pitch fence in the background.

On 19/09/2010

I seem to recognise two boys on the back row, as Dereck Downy (Satan) and next to him Colin Lower (Nipper). Used to play football with John Allery.

By dawn allery
On 17/10/2010

Hi Dawn. Dereck Downy and Nipper Lower are not in the photo, as they were playing football for either the Boys Club or Newhaven town with Johnny[macnabs] Allery. Great Guys.

By johnn snow
On 20/11/2010

Bottom row second from the right is Keith Fuller

By Lisa Downey
On 03/12/2010

The top left boy is Dennis (Simbad) Simpkins from the bottom of Gibbon Road. 

By Jack Patten
On 17/12/2010

I Think the chap top left looks like Dave (egger ) Eager  brother of  Peter (stigs) Eager. 

By Trevor Townsend
On 11/03/2011

I've noticed that a Trevor Townsend has commented a few times. I'm wondering if this is the same Trevor Townsend that lived in Craighall Crescent, Trinity. The Townsends were all very very tall. 

By Jackie Hays (nee Thomson)
On 10/02/2017


Picture taken in Newhaven recreation ground in Fort Road summer 1955.

Confirming all lads in picture as:- 

Top left back row:- 

David (Eggo) Eager.

Top right back row:-

Robert (Bobby) Stonehouse.

Middle back row:-

Joe Curd.

Front row left:- 

Barry Gilbert.

Front row left centre:- 

Frank (Bat) Bulman (Me) Holding Boys Club Cricket match Trophy.

Front row right centre:- 

Keith (Dabby) Fuller.

Front row right:- 

Ron Smith.


By Fank Bulman
On 11/10/2018

I've recently come into possession of Barry's Articles of Apprenticeship, dated 1954, so in 1955 both he and Bob Stonehouse would have been together learning their trade up at the Marine Shops.

By Andy Gilbert
On 13/10/2018

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