By Laurie Stonehouse

This view of Tideway School was taken from the main playground, with B and C blocks in the picture, who remembers the graffiti outside D block, it was sprayed on the wall with a white aerosol with the words "10cc" on the brickwork.

Photo:Tideway School - 1976

Tideway School - 1976

C Vale - Collection

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I went to this school and also saw these two buildings being demolished.

By felts
On 06/02/2010

Who climbed B Block on the day we were banned from being inside?

By Paul Garwood (Muppet)
On 03/12/2010

I can see my old tutor class in B block,Mr Kellett was the teacher

By Phil Wise
On 06/08/2015

I was in a state of anguish all one summer because I had been given Mr Kellet for years 4/5 English, but it turned out to be one of the best courses (and marks) that I had at Tideway. Just as long as you remembered to duck when the wooden blackboard eraser came your way.

By Rob Patten
On 12/08/2015

Had Mr. Kellett as an English teacher too. Always struck me as a very interesting fellow and too educated to be teaching at Tideway. Wonder what his story was. Was sad to read a few years back that he had passed away. Definitely one of Tideway's better teachers.

By Paul Tucknott
On 14/08/2015

Yes, he was my tutor for my 5 years at Tideway School and looking back I agree, he seemed too good for Tideway. He always looked after my records for me, considering most of them were from the punk era, I was at first surprised he agreed, then when I collected them from him, he would often pass comment on the picture cover being taken at the wrong angle and stuff like that.

By Phil Wise
On 24/08/2015

Mr Kellett died in 2004. According to his obituary, he was Oxford educated. Worked for GHCQ for a while before training as a teacher in Newcastle. He wrote scripts for BBC (mostly classical dramas). I always thought he would have been a brilliant sixth form teacher or sticking to the most able students. 

By Nicky Easton
On 18/07/2020

Where could I read that?

By Phil Wise
On 19/07/2020

There was a piece in the Sussex Express about Mr Kellet's death (he collasped outside Brighton and Hove High School for Girls, where he'd been teaching part-time). 

By Ms Nikki Gillam
On 06/09/2020

Mr Kellet was by far my favourite teacher. I still have a copy of the book A wizard of Earth sea which I remember him reading with different voices for each character. It inspired me to carry on reading. I also remember him lobbing the blackboard rubber... Luckily never at me he could be a scary person when riled but what an inspiring person. RIP


By Sue Wrighting née Adams
On 23/12/2021

I was thinking about Mr Kellet yesterday when I had to write down something about the teacher I remembered most fondly. The man was phenomenal. He was witty, urbane, educated and an educator. He will always have a special place in my heart. He got me reading, "The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs" and as a collective group, we read "The Lost World of the Kalahari" by Laurens van der Post. Rest in peace Mr Kellett. 

By Rashad Moolla
On 05/08/2022

Does anyone remember the hippy bus next to the 6th form? Or the Lighthouse that got taken down in the 00s?

Such an odd school.

By Tom Taylor
On 18/10/2022

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