Building of Saxon Road

By Gwen Deakin

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'AERIAL VIEW OF NEWHAVEN 1920'S' page
This page was added by Ginny Smith on 28/10/2007.
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This photo was taken on the 24th July 1924

By John Hills
On 31/10/2007

How do you know the exact date? Is the photo dated on the reverse?

By Sylvia Woolford
On 31/10/2007

Dear Sylvia, I have purchased several aerial pictures of Newhaven dating from 1924 thro to 1949 and the company who took them informed me of the exact date they were taken.

Kind regards John Hills

By John Hills
On 01/11/2007

Thanks for your reply, I wondered how you could be so definite with your date. It's a very interesting aerial shot. Perhaps you can add more when you have time.

By Sylvia Woolford
On 01/11/2007

I'm interested in the exact route the railway line took west of the swing bridge on it's path to the west breakwater. Do any of your photos show this please? I would be interested to know.

By Ashley Leaney
On 07/06/2010

My late Mother bought three of these photos(including this one) from a door-to-door seller and had them framed as a birthday present for me. They are hanging on up my stairwell wall. I assume that the road parallel with the bottom of the picture is Saxon Road. All the houses on the even side seem to be of exactly the same design, whereas there are now four(numbered in the 20s) which are of a different design. Does anyone know what happened? WW2 bomb damage perhaps?

By Doug Hall
On 25/12/2010

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