A French postcard from the 1960's

By Duncan Brown

Photo:Villandry arrives at Dieppe

Villandry arrives at Dieppe

Estel Postcard, France

This is a postcard which I bought on board the Villandry, going on my hols to France with my family to France in 1972, when I was 12.

It is by Estel of Blois, "L' arrivée du Villandry"

This view shows Villandry as she was in the mid 1960's. By the time this postcard was purchased in 1972, they'd added the Newhaven-Dieppe houseflag to the funnel (1968) and the Sealink brand name to the hull (1970). I guess they had a lot of old postcards left to sell!

Andy - Editor.

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Comments about this page

My brother served on the the Villandry, while I served on the Valencay. I guess I was the same age as you Andy when we used to go to Dieppe. I have many fond memories of those trips!

By stephen morris
On 12/01/2011

I remember sailing on the Villandry in 1968 from Dieppe to Newhaven. I was 8 years old at the time and like many boys of my age I was fascinated by ships. I remember that the Villandry made a very odd noise as it was sailing. Different to any other ship I have sailed on!

By Simon Parton
On 06/11/2012

I also remember the Villandry's sister ship, the Valancay. This particular ship featured in a "Marathon" chocolate bar advert for a few seconds in the 1960's! Don't ask me what happened a few hours ago as I don't remember! 

By Simon Parton
On 09/11/2012

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