Tunnel and gun enplacement

By Ginny Smith

Fred Thomas, the former Caretaker of the Fort until 1961, when it was taken over by Newhaven Town Council and then later on Lewes District Council, I believe.

Photo:At the top of one of the bricked up tunnels

At the top of one of the bricked up tunnels

Photo:One of the gun enplacements

One of the gun enplacements

Photo:Ray Turner - Telegram boy (read comments)

Ray Turner - Telegram boy (read comments)

Ray Turner

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Comments about this page

My Dad, Fred Thomas (Royal Artillery District Gunner) was stationed at the Fort during the war, he lived in the soldier's barracks. The rest of the family went back to Dundee and moved down to Newhaven later on, where they remained.

By Freda Osborn (nee Thomas).
On 31/07/2008

I was a telegram boy during the War (1942) and I used to deliver to the Fort every day. I would deliver personal and official telegrams to personnel stationed at the Fort. I remember Fred Thomas well, who would stand at the Sentry Box with a fixed bayonet and he used to tease me most days.

I also remember that the cost of a telegram was 9 words for a shilling and if over a shilling then it was a penny a word.

As well as delivering to the Fort I also used to deliver to the tunnels in South Heighton and I remember there was a machine gun inside the tunnel, covering the steps leading to RNHQ.

I was a telegram boy until I was 18 years old and then was in the RAF for 2 years (1947 - 1949 National Service).

Thanks for these lovely memories Ray - any photographs of you as a telegram boy or in the RAF? - Jackie (Editor)

By Ray Turner
On 31/07/2008

I met Fred in 1960 while going to the Fort and Gunners house to do repair work. He showed me all over the Fort and tunnels, telling me lots of stories. He certainly knew how to capture the imagination of a then 15 year old apprentice plumber. Saw him many times before he moved. Very interesting man.

By Colin Brandon
On 25/06/2010

I am certain that I am a great-nephew of Fred Thomas thru his brother David and I reside near Windsor Ontario Canada. I would love to find out about other relatives I have in the UK. My grandfather was orphaned in Malta around the turn of the century and reunited with his brothers on the island in WW1. Any help would be appreciated.

By Donald Thomas
On 02/03/2017

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