Some Carnival Fun

By Maureen Palser (nee Mockford)

Here are some photographs showing the people of Eastside enjoying themselves at carnivals from the 1930's onwards.

First photo - 1946: Back L-R. Elsie Fairman,?,?, Alice ?, ?, ?, Eileen Wilkes, Gladys Heathfield, ?, ?. Front L-R. Vera Fairman, Richard Easton, Mr Lillywhite

Second photo - late 1930's: 3rd Prizewinner, Maureen Mockford. Others not known.

Third photo - 1937: Mrs Mockford and daughter Maureen

Photo:Eastside Carnival 1946

Eastside Carnival 1946

Maureen Palser

Photo:Eastside Carnival 1930's

Eastside Carnival 1930's

Maureen Palser

Photo:Eastside Carnival 1937

Eastside Carnival 1937

Maureen Palser

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 12/03/2010.
Comments about this page

Regarding the first picture above, the 'Alice?'  was my Aunt Alice, Alice Legge, and you are correct, it is Gladys Heathfield, my mum. She sadly passed away in December 2020, she would have enjoyed seeing her photo.

By Sandy Back
On 24/05/2023

Sandy, I think you will find Alice Legge, nee Lock, was your grandaunt. She was my great grandaunt. Events leading up to her arrival to this world is an interesting story.

By Roy Miller
On 08/07/2023

Hi Sandy I’m Elyse Malcolm Heathfield’s daughter I’d love to get to know you and your family as I don’t know who is who on (Dennis) pop‘s side I know you have two daughters one is my age and the other is 2 years older 

By Elyse Etienne
On 18/07/2023

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