Who are you and where are you now?

The photos came originally from Sue Butlin, who I have been told was a teacher at the school. The photos are believed to have been taken by the person who was headmaster prior to Mr Rothwell (Mr Furner). Sue donated them to The Newhaven Historical Society who are now the legitimate owners of them. The Society have kindly allowed this web site to publish these photos in order to try and identify the dates (which are thought to be late 1950's early 60's) and also to ask if anyone can put names to the faces and answer the question "where are they now?". Because there are over 50 photos altogether, they will be published just a few at a time. If you are able to help, please do so. Thankyou

Photo:Photo 01

Photo 01

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 02

Photo 02

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 03 An unfortunate double exposure

Photo 03 An unfortunate double exposure

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 04 A musical interlude

Photo 04 A musical interlude

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 05

Photo 05

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 06

Photo 06

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 07 Must have been an easy exam, most of them finished early, whereas the girl at the back with glasses looks to be completely at a loss.

Photo 07 Must have been an easy exam, most of them finished early, whereas the girl at the back with glasses looks to be completely at a loss.

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 08

Photo 08

Newhaven Historical Society

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Top picture, Photo 01, on left is Jim Dudley. I went through Newhaven Secondary Modern (later Tideway) with Jim between 1959 and 1964. He lived in Cairo Avenue in Peacehaven but in later years moved to Newhaven when he became an Architectual Consultant. Sadly Jim passed away in 2004 but I have great memories of our school days and when we met again at the reunion in 1998. Mr. A. R. Furner was indeed the Headmaster.

By Paul Blackman
On 26/03/2010

Picture 06 - 2nd from left Roger White, 2nd from right looks like Cyril Ireland.

 Yes these names are correct---- John editor

By Terry Walton
On 27/03/2010

Photo 5 on the left is Colin Moore, next to Him Brian Terry, who was killed by a car in Brighton Road not many years after leaving school. I think the teacher's name was Smith. Far right is Roger Hayward. Photo 6 on the left is Don Gates. Photo 8 on the Right is Neil Stubbs

By John Sweatman
On 27/03/2010

In photo 5, I think that the secornd from the right is Kenneth Scales, but somebody may know better.

By John Sweatman
On 28/03/2010

Photo 1: On the right Mick Noakes has his arm around Pam Smith, who was my first 'proper' girlfriend! Pam's dad owned Haven dry cleaners in South Road.

By Rob Vinall
On 28/03/2010

I was at this school from September 1953 to april 1957. Mr Furner started the same day as I did and Mr Sauders was my first teacher. My best friend was Anita Ware. I would love to see a photo of her as she died several years ago.

By Reigna Mitchell
On 29/03/2010

The boy on the right in picture 5 is my cousin Roger Howard.

Thanks Terry, Name added to photo. Editors

By Terry Howard
On 30/03/2010

Just a comment, I have identified Jim Dudley in photo 01 on my previous posting on 26.03.10 but a question mark has been subsequently added ! I can assure you I am correct.

My apologies, this comes under publishers headings as "Editors errors and omissions" and has now been corrected. RB (editor)

By Paul Blackman
On 31/03/2010

Hi, I left this school at Easter 1960, the lads in the 5th photo are unknown to me but I was taught by Mr Smith "Smiffy". Although I used to pull a few jokes on him, he really was a good teacher and I really did learn from him. Many a time he would say to me "See me after class" which of course I did. He would then ask me why I had to see him, and I always replied "Don't know Sir", he would then say "If you can't remember boy then you had better get going". His memory certainly was not that bad.

By Colin Brandon
On 27/06/2010

In photo 4 is Mary (Smith?), I sat next to her in Mr. Smith's 3a2 class circa 1956/7 but did not know she played the violin!

By Brenda Hall
On 12/08/2012

Cyril Ireland tells me that standing next to him in picture No. 06 unnamed is Ron Cale.

By Harry Gaston
On 14/09/2012

I was a student 1960 - 61 and attended Miss Cavadini's shorthand typing class, she changed my life.

I was quiet and shy and a terrible student. She gave me hope.

I will never forget her or Tideways.

God bless you all.

By Susan Penfold Peppard
On 12/09/2017

Big surprise to see this web site, a big step back in life to see the teachers and mates from those days. left during 1963 by the way.

I would love to know if anyone has contact with two friends from those days, Brenda Palfrey and Mary Ralph. Regards to all that remember me.

By Roger Riseborough
On 25/02/2021

Hi Roger, don't have any info on the girls, but I think I remember shooting rooks nests with your dad !

Note From Editor:- Completely against the law in this day and age, luckily for the rooks.

By Rob Vinall
On 25/02/2021

Is that Rod Vinyl, lead guitar and e type jag owner? 

By Roger Riseborough
On 26/02/2021

Yes Rog the very same!

By Rob Vinall
On 26/02/2021

Would the editor mind giving my email address to Rob please so we can have a chat about the old days without clogging up your page.

Sorry for misspelling your name Rob, Rod is your brother of course.

Email address passed on Roger for you, John - Editor

By Roger Riseborough
On 26/02/2021

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