On board MV Senlac

By Mick Cutler

Photo:M.V. Senlac Control Room

M.V. Senlac Control Room

The main engine control panel in Senlac's engine room. Duplicate of main engine telegraphs (the main ones are on the ship's bridge) are at the centre. I'm sure I've heard them called 'comparators'.

Engineers - please tell us what does what! Andy-Editor

This page was added by Mick Cutler on 12/04/2010.
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The telegraphs are the yellow and red buttons - one set for each engine. The black levers in the middle are called Combinators - these control the engine speed and the pitch of the propellor Blade at the same time these are only used when the engines are on engine room control and not on bridge control. The brass levers are the engine air start.

Also what some people might like to know is the square box on the other side of the control room puts a six volt electric charge through the underwater part of the hull. This will stop barnacles clinging to the ships bottom which gradually slows the ship down in time.

By Mick Cutler
On 15/04/2010

Combinators! That's the word I was thinking of. I seem to recall the same red and yellow telegraph buttons up on the bridge, but in the bridge wings were sets of more conventional level type telegraphs.

By Andy Gilbert
On 16/04/2010

Mick, didn't think you knew so much ha! ha!. Ex Electrical Officer, Bob McW.

By rob mcwilliams
On 28/10/2013

Re previous message, pass to Mick Cutler and add, "how are you doing? And do you remember me? Now living on Norfolk Broads".

By r.mcwilliams
On 28/10/2013

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