A unique view of the famous lighthouse

By Mick Cutler

Senlac is very close in, much nearer than her usual Newhaven-Dieppe course.

Update: The reason for this is now revealed in the second photo. Senlac was being used by a film crew for some action shots on location, including a stuntman jumping over the side.

Photo:MV.Senlac Passing Beachy Head Lighthouse

MV.Senlac Passing Beachy Head Lighthouse

Mick Cutler

Photo:Stunt man jumping off Senlac

Stunt man jumping off Senlac

Mick Cutler

This page was added by Mick Cutler on 02/04/2010.
Comments about this page

Much too close and at a bad angle too. Any idea what was going on here?

By william still
On 03/04/2010

Senlac would occasionally get involved in rescue situations with the coastguard and lifeboat, normally to provide a lee in bad weather if the lifeboat was trying to close a casualty. In this instance it appears to be pretty calm but she may have been diverted to 'stand by' another vessel in close under Beachy Head until the lifeboat arrived on scene. A date would be helpful then we could narrow it down by referencing the lifeboats records.

Rob's quite right and we hope to have some photos of Senlac doing this soo, copyright permitting. In this case the reason doesn't involve any danger, except maybe for the stuntman! Andy - Editor

By Rob Patten
On 07/04/2010

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