A sunny scene at the 'other end of the line'

By Mick Cutler

Photo:MV.Senlac arriving at Dieppe, passing the Capitaine Le Goff

MV.Senlac arriving at Dieppe, passing the Capitaine Le Goff

Old Iris postcard

Somewhere between Senlac's introduction in 1973 and the end of the Capitaine LeGoff's time on the route in June 1978. The name Senlac appears to be in white, so that's later rather than earlier.

Capitaine LeGoff was not a success on the route. Too small, too slow and rather unstable, she was rendered superfluous by the enlargement of Villandry and Valencay.

This page was added by Mick Cutler on 12/04/2010.
Comments about this page

This is a great elevated photo of M.V.SENLAC, passing the 'CAPITAINE Le GOFF' in Dieppe, her home port during this period. I remember the latter losing all her power at Newhaven and drifting onto the Newhaven Marina berths whilst manouvering to reberth on ro/ro linkspan. She damaged a few small yachts in the process causing a few anxious moments for the berthing master at marina, I don't think he usually had vessels of that size requesting a berth!!!!

By Chris Young
On 15/04/2010

Came accross this site by accident and Mick Cutler,(Cutts) contributions bought back happy memories of my time (from start to finish) serving as an Engineer on the Senlac. We had many a laugh on watch Mick, treasured memories, what a great crew that ship had, thanks for bringing it all back again.

By Phil Leech
On 14/02/2011

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