Who are you and where are you now?

By Richard Beckett

This is the continuation of the search for names.

Photo:Photo 09 Where, When, & Who?

Photo 09 Where, When, & Who?

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 10. Hillcrest?

Photo 10. Hillcrest?

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 11

Photo 11

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 12

Photo 12

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 13

Photo 13

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 14

Photo 14

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 15

Photo 15

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 16

Photo 16

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 17

Photo 17

Newhaven Historical Society

Photo:Photo 18

Photo 18

Newhaven Historical Society

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Photos 9 &18 probably on the land just uphill of Hillcrest - above the girls playground, where there was a long jump pit.


Yes thats correct thanks .... John Editor

By John Sweatman
On 31/03/2010

Pictures 10 thro to 14 are indeed taken at the Hillcrest School site dated c1956. Picture 18 looks like teacher Bruce Saunders clearing the runway for the long jump for summer sports day ! c1956

By John Hills
On 31/03/2010

Picture 11 front row L-R are twins Jill and Janet Byrne. Jill married Ray Baxter and Janet married Alan Lower.  Picture 17 - Pat Kenworthy I think

By Carol Walton
On 31/03/2010

Photo 10 - John & Richard Dodd in the sleeveless jumpers. John Voakes in the foreground. Terry Nunn with the blonde hair and next to him Roger Leister.

By Terry Walton
On 31/03/2010

Looks like me in photo 10 behind the tallest boy on the right,you can just see the top of my head.

By Terry Howard
On 31/03/2010

Photo 12. I do not remember this photo being taken, but my guess is it would be summer 1955, as I left school in the July aged 14. It is not a class group, we are part of the "Eagle" house athletic team. Standing: left to right - Graham Okines; John Piddlestone; ??; Mick Howell; John Green; John Noakes; Brian "Basher" Highstead; George "Jamie" Mitchell. Seated: left to right - Colin Holden; John Nock; Dave Lambert; ??;??  A memory from my latter school days - I see that John Nock sitting next to me is still in short trousers; we were the last in our year group, by quite a while, to be allowed by our parents into a long pair.  To this day I still remember the bullying and ridicule we both received at the time from our classmates..... I cannot wait these days to get back into shorts!!


The last two seated boys L to R are Alan Easton and Les Templeman.

John - Editor

By colin holden
On 05/04/2010

Photo 14, is the teacher Mr Funnell, Joe as we called him?

By Reigna Mitchell (Nee Webb)
On 15/04/2010

We used to call Joe Funnell smokey Joe. In Picture 9 is that Keith (beansy) Aldridge doing the long jump ?

By Harry M.
On 30/04/2010

Photo 17: Does anyone know the name of the girl?


We think it may be Pat Kenworthy.. Adele

John -- Editor

By Adele Summers (Shires)
On 22/02/2013

Picture 17 is indeed Pat Kenworthy. She was my mum, but sadly passed away 12 years ago. Very lovely to see a picture from when she was a girl.

By Alistair Kenworthy
On 13/04/2013

I think that is also Pat Kenworthy in photo 9, kneeling at the back on the right, she had red curly hair, freckles & dimples, was full of fun & very popular. We were in the 3rd year together, but not in the same form (I was in Mr. Smith's 3a2 form). Some of us sometimes went to Pat's house at dinner time with her, out of the school gates (not allowed), instead of just to the Tuck Shop inside the school gates! We might have been 4th years' by then. The long jumper looks like David Lower, who used to live in Beresford Road, he was also in form 3a2.

By Brenda Hall
On 19/04/2013

Picture 17- Yes Allister Kenworthy is right that is Pat Kenworthy, she was my great aunt, hello Allister! Beth xx

By Elizabeth Deakin
On 19/04/2013

Picture one

I think girl sitting in dark jacket and shorts is me (Carole Wilkinson )

By Carole Knott
On 19/10/2016

Picture 13, I am sitting on Mrs Marchant's (teacher) left. I was a Kennard then. On her right is Enid Belton, ?, Doreen Smith. Standing, second one in on the right is Francis Bulman.

By Jacqueline Patten
On 16/11/2016

Picture 11, sitting from left to right is Janet & Jill Byrne, Yvonne Holman, Gillian Southerden ? ? Jean Parker ? Standing 5th from left is Terry Power. Hopefully I have it right, not sure if I'm correct on name spelling on some.

By Jacqueline Patten
On 16/11/2016

Does anyone remember Terry (Theresa) Bond who was at Newhaven Secondary School 1954. I think the same year as John Frost as I remember that name. Terry and I were friends and when I went to Australia in 1954 we wrote to each other for a while. Terry wanted to go to Music College. I was formerly Janet Bristow and my brother is Peter. I was 14 then and Peter 12.

By Janet Wright
On 17/06/2018

Picture 17: I remember Pat Kenworthy. The photo was taken in Mr. Furner's office and I made the chairbacks! 

By Adele Summers (nee Shires)
On 04/10/2021

Sadly, John Voakes passed away in December 2019.

By Ian Bishop
On 06/10/2021

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