From the 1960s and 1970s

By Mick Cutler

The first two photos show some of the engineers on our ferries. The first looks like it's from the 1960's, possibly on board Falaise.  The second, if we go by engineer #2's hairstyle, looks like the 1970's, perhaps on board Senlac, but the state of the overalls and all those pipes suggests an earlier ferry.

Barry Gilbert is on the left in both photos, with John Gulbransen centre in photo number 2. Can anyone name the others and confirm the ships?

The final two photos are from the officers' reunion held on 10th April 2003.

Photo:Falaise engineers

Falaise engineers

Mick Cutler collection

Photo:Falaise/Senlac engineers

Falaise/Senlac engineers

Mick Cutler collection

Photo:Officers' reunion 2003

Officers' reunion 2003

Mick Cutler collection

Photo:Officers' Reunion 2003

Officers' Reunion 2003

Mick Cutler collection

This page was added by Mick Cutler on 17/04/2010.
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I believe the gentleman 4th from left standing behind the guy with the zip fronted jumper is Capt Paul Levesley, who I worked with for a while at Newhaven Marina, after retiring from the ferries. This is both picture 3 and 4. I think he saw time on both T.S.Falaise and M.V.Senlac.

By Chris Young
On 17/04/2010

The engineer second from the right in the 'overalls' picture is Jacques Duchossoy, and he is also in the third and fourth photos, with his hands on the shoulders of the men on either side of him.

By Andre
On 18/04/2010

Picture no 1: MV.Senlac,L-R. Barry Gilbert,Brian Berry,Fred Collier.

Picture no. 2: MV.Senlac engineroom, LtoR. Barry Gilbert,Dennis Harper,John Gulbransen,Jacques Duchossoy,Brian Berry.

Thanks, Mick. I'd lost the note of what you'd told me! Andy - Editor

By Mick Cutler
On 21/04/2010

My friend's Dad - John Paddy from Saxon Road - was an engineer on the ferries and I vaguely recognise him in the picture(s). He had a model railway layout going around the entire attic space of his house.

By Rob Patten
On 21/04/2010

You are correct about Paul Leversley, the chap on the far right is my dad, Capt. Kenneth Newton. We were spending a lovely evening looking at photos of the Senlac when we found these pictures. Thank you for these great memories.

By Cheryl White
On 18/05/2010

Officers reunion 1st picture, third from right Barry Gilbert my dad, also he is second from right in the second picture.

By Greg Gilbert
On 15/04/2012

Barry Gilbert, Dennis Harper, John Gulbransen, Jack Duchossoy, Brian Berry. John Gulbransen's overalls never got that dirty.

By Rob McWilliams
On 18/01/2014

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