Photo:Frank and Barry Gilbert

Frank and Barry Gilbert

Kind permission of the Sussex Express

Father and son on the quay.

By Andy Gilbert

My late father, Captain Frank Gilbert, and my late brother Barry photographed a few years ago on one of the fishing stages at Newhaven's West Quay. They had written a joint letter (I think it was about the then proposed incinerator) to the Sussex Express, who decided to make it into a short article accompanied by the photo. It's the last photo I have of them together.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 19/04/2010.
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Sorry to hear about Barry. I was friends with your nephew Greg growing up in Newhaven. Did they ever solve the double murder in the house next door to Barry at the bottom of Gibbon Road.?

That was a real shock,  the murdered couple were such nice people. - Andy, Editor.

Yes they did. Denis Roberts was given a life sentence two years after the double murders, which were committed on 22/7/1989.    -- John,  Editor.

By Rob Patten
On 24/04/2010

...I remember having to go into the house to remove the phone (I was a telecom engineer) to give to the forensics people with all the house wrapped in plastic. Not Newhaven at all.

By Rob Patten
On 24/04/2010

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