1971 - 1972

By Antony Golding

This photo was taken outside the back of what was then called the "lower school". I think we were in the second year and it was summer, so that would probably make it 1971, but it could be 1972 (third year). Can anyone confirm?

Names as follows:

Kim Forward, Paul Mason, David Brown, Ian Marchant, Nicholas McNeal, Stephen Wingate, Robert Hearn, Alain Saunders, Diane Carr, Lesley Shanks, Caroline Nasskau, Linda Noble, Isabella Stimson, Terry Lowles, Michael Page (teacher), Julie Pink, Mary Strudwick, Lesley Fermer, Sandra Price, Janet Court, Jackie Singlehurst, Phillippa Brown, Hazel Nixon, Antony Golding (me), David Hibling, Richard Jones, Geoffrey Southgate, David Westmore, Nicholas Shelley, Richard Parker.

Sorry if I got any wrong, or mis-spelled someone's name!

There were some others that I believe were in our class at the time but are not in the picture:

Debra Sutch, Lesley Holman, Caroline Andrews, Keith Warnet, Vivian Heare, Angela Ellsdale, Wolfgang Price, Lorraine Batchelor.

Photo:Class photo

Class photo

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Kim Forward is now the mayor of Hastings.

By Terry Howard
On 22/05/2010

David Hibling is now Artistic Director of Zippo's Circus. Richard Jones is an author and broadcaster, and so am I. Mine and Richard's parents live a few hundred yards apart at the bottom of The Mount.

By Ian Marchant
On 24/03/2012

My brother and sister would have gone to Tideway before we left England to move to Canada. We left in November 1972. Brother's name was Mike Kosonic and sister's name was Cindy Kosonic. Do you or anyone remember those names? We lived on The Rose Walk in Newhaven. thanks..

By Carol Kosonic
On 10/01/2014

Does anyone remember Gill Chambers from Canada lived in Saltdean. I think she left in 1971 any info would be helpfull

Thanks Danny

By Danny Warren
On 08/10/2020

Hello Carol. Sorry it’s been such a long time but I’ve only just signed on to this site. I do remember your sister, Cindy. I remember her more from our junior school (Meeching) rather than Tideway, although she was indeed at Tideway. We were in the same year. She was a nice little girl, popular and pretty as I recall. She was friends with a girl called Karen Couch and I remember the three of us being in Karen’s house after school one day and playing a weird kissing game involving us eating copious amounts of pickled onions! I seem to recall Cindy and your family had come from away somewhere. Sadly I don’t remember your brother. Presume he was in a younger year than us. It’s not much but thought I’d post this to confirm that I do remember her.
Best regards.

By Andrew Morley
On 04/11/2021

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