By Laurie Stonehouse

Photo:Evelyn Avenue - c1900

Evelyn Avenue - c1900

OurNewhaven - Donated Postcard

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Evelyn Avenue was where our family home was. I was born at 76 Evelyn Avenue.in 1946, daughter to Lousia and Thomas Raycraft. I enjoy looking at old photos of Newhaven. I lived in Newhaven until September 2002, then moved to Ireland. If any one remembers me it would be nice to hear from you.

By Barbara Raycraft
On 30/08/2010

I remember all your family, Barbara, we grew up together. I now live in Wiltshire and Bryan, my younger brother lives in Lewes. It was Bryan who introduced me to OurNewhaven, but I am only a novice with the computer...and this is the first time I have logged on to it. We had some good times when we were young, didnt we???

By Josie Kingswood
On 27/04/2012

Hey Josie, Bryan played lead guitar, I would love to get in touch with him again. He lived in the flats off Church Hill when I knew him.

Barbara, I went to school with "Butch" Raycraft from Evelyn Avenue.

By William Still
On 28/04/2012

My grand parents lived at the top of this row of houses. I should have been born there, but mum had gone to visit her sister in Bedford 8 months pregnant and I was born there, in 1946. The last time I saw the house the front room had been turned into a garage. Didn't Denyer Brothers have their yard at the top of the road ?

By Terry Howard
On 04/05/2012

I was born in 8 Evelyn Avenue in 1958. My brother was born in 82 Evelyn Avenue in 1956. Though our Pop was in the R.N. and we moved to Malta for a short time. When we returned we still continued visiting the Avenue as our Gran and Grandad were still their.

Lovely photo, Thank you.

By Martin Ramson
On 15/12/2020

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