c 1890

By Neil Stevens

My Great Grandmother, Ellen Maud Ince, was born in Newhaven in 1881 and comes from a long line of established Newhaven families - the Inces and The Hooks.

Whilst I was doing some research for my family tree I came across this old photo hidden away in a long forgotten trunk. I also found a copy of a county court judgement which related to a fire in Shoreham.

Apparently back in February 1889 there had been a large fire in a shop called Reeds which was in Shoreham. Many fire engines were called from across Sussex to attend, the Newhaven Engine being one of them. The court case was about payment of out-of-pocket expenses for the firemen who had attended the fire which was outside their district. Unfortunately the judge did not find in their favour and commented that as volunteer firemen, no payment could be claimed.

I can only assume that my Great Grandmother had kept copies of the photo and order since they related to one of her family members (and therefore one of my ancestors).

The problem is in identifying which one! I have suspicitions that it may be a Hook but I cannot find out because the Fire Service do not keep personnel records!

If anyone has any details of their family members or recognises anyone in the photo, please do contact me so that I can fill in another missing piece of the puzzle.

Photo:Newhaven Fire Service circa 1890

Newhaven Fire Service circa 1890

Photo:Newhaven Fire Service circa 1890

Newhaven Fire Service circa 1890

Photo:Reeds Fire Article

Reeds Fire Article

Brighton Herald Feb 9 1889

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