By David Bain

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL GROUP' page

Private collection of David Bain

Meeching Infants School, around 1950.

Can you put some names to the faces? - Andy, Editor.

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 28/05/2010.
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Here are some of the names that I remember. Back Row:-  Glen Bates, ?? , Jacqui Atkinson, ? Woolford, Keith Aldridge, ??, Margaret Tucknot, Pat Ingram, ??, Douglas ?, ? Baxter, Richard Pellet, Middle Row:-  Ron Stace, ??, ? Ray,  Marleen Clark, ??, Heather Woolven, Eileen Humphrey, Rita ?, ??, Keith Curl. Front Row:-  ? Renville, Micheal Whitaker, Arthur Tinnuche, Pat Fitzroy, Freddy Gillman, Maria Ware, John Everest, ??, Brenda Palfrey, Doreen Winder, Rosemary King.

By Pat Bain [Fitzroy]
On 30/05/2010

I think this is around the mid 50's as these children would probably have been born around 1948.

By Carol Walton
On 04/06/2010

Is the teacher standing with the class Miss Tedham? She used to live in the bungalow next to "Lightlands" in First Avenue.

By John Hills
On 06/06/2010

I was in this school year but not in this class, but remember most of them. I think 4th from the right in the back row is Christopher Chapman and between him and Richard Pellett are Douglas Hall and David Baxter. Middle Row - Josephine Ray. Front Row - 4th from right I think is Dianne Tucknott and on her right is Michael Noakes.

By Val Nunn (nee Evans)
On 11/06/2010

Yes Val I am sure you are right, middle row is Josephine Ray, front row is Dianne Tucknott. Well spotted that is me in the middle row, weren't we cute. I am sure that is Barry Woolford at the back, also Christopher Chapman, David Baxter, what a blast from the past.

By Marlene Amy (Clark)
On 30/08/2010

I remember that school. I was in Mrs Greenfield's class when i was 5. Has any one got any more photos? I lived in Newhaven till 2002, then I moved to live in Ireland. I talk to Marlene Clark.

By barbara raycraft.
On 30/08/2010

Although I started school at Railway Road Infants I went on to Meeching Junior School where so many of those in the photo were in the same class as me. I immediately recognised you, Marlene! I see Valerie also contributes. Whilst I can't add names to those still unidentified, I do have our class list from 1958 in the junior school and there was a Leslie Renville and Doris (not Dianne) Tucknott.

By Marie Anscomb (Relf)
On 11/02/2011

Happy memories. I am back row second from left. Miss Tedham's class was the top year and the photo is 1954/55. I seem to be the only one foolish enough not to be wearing anything warmer than a short-sleeve shirt! I am still in touch with Chris Chapman who is a lawyer. I am an actuary, and advised Robert Maxwell on his pension schemes before he decided to steal the money then throw himself off his boat when discovered. ALLEGEDLY.

By Brian Wilson
On 19/08/2013

Oh my goodness. I struggled to even recognise myself but did recognise  Heather Woollen and Jacqui Atkinson, as well as Brian Wilson. Must show my granddaughters. As Brian mentions we are still in touch. I have just retired as a judge.

By Chris Chapman
On 23/06/2014

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