Denton village

By P Baitup

I have had a request from my brother Stuart Baitup (the one on the red trike) asking if I could post these pictures on the site in the hope that someone somewhere will know the others in the photos. Stuart lived in Denton (The Grove) but now lives in the Deal area of Kent.

These pictures were taken in the back garden of a house in Lewis Close, Denton, if that's any help.

John --  Editor

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'DOES ANYBODY RECOGNISE THEMSELVES, OR DO YOU KNOW THEM?' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'DOES ANYBODY RECOGNISE THEMSELVES, OR DO YOU KNOW THEM?' page
This page was added by P Baitup on 06/08/2010.
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Is the man in the top picture Terry Richardson? I believe he moved to Denton when he got married in the early 70s. I think he had a son and daughter; so, if it is him, one boy and one girl are probably his.

By Doug Hall
On 20/08/2010

The bottom of the two pictures was almost certainly taken in the garden of the bungalow cnr Thompson Rd and Cantercrow Hill/Denton Road--it was my Grandmothers house at one point but I know not the people. Looks to be late 60/s early 70's ?


I think your memory is playing tricks on you Dave. This picture was definitely taken in the back garden of the end cottage in Lewis Close looking east up Cantercrow Hill. The white line marking the end of Thompson Road can be seen through the back gate and is opposite the two street signs marking the end of Denton Road and start of Cantercrow Hill. Today a large garage/shed stands on the land the children are playing on.

John - Editor

By Dave Twaits
On 04/06/2011

It does look like Terry Richardson.

At the top of the second photo you can see the excavations for the construction of the 'Rabbit Hutches' in St Leonards Close. Can anyone put a date on these earthworks, perhaps? Andy

A local builder who worked on the new east section St Leonards Close informs me that the work started in late 1975 early 1976 when the new road was excavated, so it looks like these pictures were taken in 1976 the year of the drought !   John - Editor

By Andy Gilbert
On 05/06/2011

On a different note, some of the bungalows on Cantercrow Hill were built by Bannisters Builders, which I worked on as an apprentice carpenter. I remember the carpenter I was working with (Fred Canning) who, (much to Mr Bannisters surprise), announced his retirement when we finished one of the roofs. Fred taught me that it was possible to pitch roofs on your own using jigs he had made. Those jigs made work so much easier. Fred gave them to me and I used them for years. He was a lovely chap to work with and used to call me "old young-un".

By Terry Howard
On 05/06/2011

It is Terry Richardson (My Dad) and the tubby little chap on the blue and yellow tricycle is me. Paul Richardson

By Paul Richardson
On 09/06/2011

This is my Dad Terry Richardson, and the little boy on the yellow trike is my brother Paul. I'm nowhere to be seen - I would have been only a baby at this time!!

By Tracy Richardson
On 09/06/2011

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