Photo:7 lee Cottage

7 lee Cottage

Was this the cottage used by Tideway School?

By Brian Urry

Bought for £350 and compulsory purchased for £1600 to make way for the flats in Elphick Road.

Do you know if this cottage was given to Tideway School in the 1970's as part of a preparing for life scheme?

This page was added by Brian Urry on 26/10/2010.
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Hi, I have a question from a friend of mine desperately trying to get a picture of an old Newhaven shop... It was called J.W. Brown's and was along Robinson Road near the recycling centre, back of Elphick Road by the sounds of it? Have you ever heard of it? or know where I could maybe get picture of it? Her Grandpa used to help out in there as a lad. Its a long shot.

By Heather McLean
On 06/03/2015

I'm just wondering if that was the former home of one "Mr. Orlando". I know that a gentleman of that name lived in one of that particular cottage in that row. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that he'd left it in a bequest to 'Tideway School'. I recall someone in the family asking why he should have done that. "Mr. Orlando" (I know not whether that was his real name) was an eccentric old gent, dressed in a brocade jacket and he always had biscuits and cake handy he used to give to the children from the surrounding streets who would visit. He had a ginger cat which sat on the back of a sofa and which always used to disappear when us kids trouped into the house - and a banjo which 'sat' in one chair.

By John Simmons
On 22/07/2016

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