The first of the season

By Andy Gilbert

The first arrivals of the Spring were to be seen yesterday, with a clutch of nine ducklings born to one of the two resident pairs of ducks. Hopefully the second pair, and the moorhens, won't be too far behind.

Spring is well and truly sprung, it would seem!

Update: 1/5/11

There are now two clutches of ten ducklings (I must have missed on first time around) and two clutches of four or five moorhen chicks. There is another resident pair of ducks so things could get crowded as they all grow!

I'll keep you posted.

Photo:Mother and babies doing well!

Mother and babies doing well!

Andy Gilbert

Photo:One of the littl'uns.

One of the littl'uns.

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Ducklings, large and small

Ducklings, large and small

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Two of the moorhen chicks

Two of the moorhen chicks

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Very young ducklings. Fearless, or just way too tame already?

Very young ducklings. Fearless, or just way too tame already?

Andy Gilbert

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Comments about this page

Any idea what happened to them all? They all disappeared suddenly. I wondered if a bird interest group had moved them elsewhere.

By David
On 20/05/2011

I'm as baffled as you are. I can only think that 'someone' was worried about overcrowding, but there have been more ducks that that on the ponds there in the past, with the once-present swans too. There have been some further moorchicks hatched and there are still two pairs of ducks yet to hatch any ducklings.

By Andy Gilbert
On 25/05/2011

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