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By Richard Beckett

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' page

In days of old in this fair town. The children played and romped around,

The bad old days we thought were past. The good days looked as if to last,

But now the future's looking grim. They want to let the rubbish in,

The Sussex Planners let us down. They do not care about our town

For soon will come the Rubbish cart. The rubbish burning soon will start.

So rancid fumes will fill the air. And on still days will just lie there.

Not cool and tranquil mist of old. Spread oe’r the town so damp and cold

But a putrid fetid choking gown. UNMOVING, grey or deadly brown.

From far and wide will lorries come. From Brighton, Hove and places.

So we can breathe the filthy fumes. They don’t want in THEIR faces.

No, we must suffer, and we will. The selfishness of them.

For to us who live in this small town. This fetid air they condemn

Regeneration of the Town they say. On that I would not bet.

A life of putrid air we’ll breathe. Both day and night we’ll get.

For can’t they see that it will bring. Upon the town it’s doom.

Who’ll want to live and work and breathe. In daily deadly gloom?

Beneath a blanket of bad air. But they’re not here So they don’t care,

For them Newhaven is fair game. To them Newhaven’s just a name

A place where all their rubbish goes. As long as they've not got.

A burner large in their back yard. They couldn’t care a jot,

And once the deadly burner’s built, Then we will live ‘neath deadly quilt.

And die from breathing all those fumes, That o’er our little town now looms

Richard Beckett

This page was added by Richard Beckett on 30/04/2011.
Comments about this page

Today, Saturday 30th April 2011, the grey incinerator Fumes mentioned in the above were seen to be issuing from the chimneys and blowing in a south westerly direction, apparently THROUGH the trees of Bollens Bush. Was this just a test run, or is the incinerator up and running already?

By Richard Beckett
On 01/05/2011

The dragon was still breathing fire at 1.00am this morning, smoke heading down - and I do mean down - towards the town, by the look of things.

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/05/2011

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