Photo:The Book & Bacca Shop - 1990

The Book & Bacca Shop - 1990

Vicky Delaney

Getting the bacca.

By Maurice Corlett

My grandparents, Alfred and Flossie Knights, lived in Denton Terrace. Often when I visited them my Grandad would send me on an errand. I had to cross the old iron bridge connecting the Town and Denton Island, walk past the Crown public house, and go into the Book and Bacca Shop.

There I would step up to the counter and utter these immortal words - 'Four ounces of Nut Brown, a packet of red Rizla papers and a box of matches, please'

Sometimes, while in the shop I might see my Uncle Albert going about his business in the fishing tackle shop out the back.

Then I would retrace my steps to Denton Terrace, give my grandad his contraband and go out and play with their dog.

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