Some atmospheric pictures taken over the years

By Derek Longly

Any harbour is an interesting, even fascinating, place at most times and perhaps this is more so as dusk falls, in the evening and at night; or on those rarer occasions when there are unusual weather conditions which affect the quality of light. 

At any of those times it can achieve an almost magical atmosphere where colours and shapes are softened and light and shade can provide a different aspect to an everyday vessel. Especially is this the case when it is otherwise surrounded by the velvet darkness of a summer night. 

These are just a few of those occasions I have encountered that have encouraged me to capture them on film.

Photo:Soft summer evening

Soft summer evening

Derek Longly

Photo:Freighter days

Freighter days

Derek Longly

Photo:Thekla and Ocean Puller

Thekla and Ocean Puller

Derek Longly

Photo:Harbour at dusk

Harbour at dusk

Derek Longly

Photo:Senlac turning

Senlac turning

Photo:Glowing with light - the Hardwicke Grange

Glowing with light - the Hardwicke Grange

Derek Longly

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Comments about this page

Those are wonderful photos. It is nice to see a seemingly busy harbour. I miss the sea and ships and harbours as I now live something like 2000 kms. from the nearest sea shore. There are many many lakes in Canada and they are lovely, but they are not the sea!

By lily blin
On 29/09/2011

Our Newhaven is a delightful, excellent website on the history of Newhaven. I only visited by mistake while looking for items about Lord Lucan - but I remember sailing from Dieppe to Newhaven back in July 1987 so I've obviously been there! I understand the passenger ferry service to France has ended? The harbour pictures are a delight to look at. Very interesting, fascinating website.

The car ferry and passenger service is still running. 2015 may see changes though, Andy-Editor

By Francis Huddy
On 02/04/2014

For those who miss the sea, and particularly Newhaven check this webcam out. http://www.newhavenwebcams.co.uk It's located on the old coastguard station.

By Simon Morris
On 04/04/2014

Fourth picture down, the ship between the two ferries, can anyone recall the name or what she did? I seem to recall some kind of air of secrecy over that ship at the time in the 1980s

'Colonel Templer' (A229) is the name of the vessel, sometimes referred to as the 'Spy Ship' or 'Boffin Boat' by locals.

No-one was sure exactly what she did but sonar research and aviation trials support are mentioned if you do some Googling.

Severely damaged by fire in 1990 she was rebuilt and put back into service. She was sold to Swedish owners in 2011 and is still working as 'Seaway Endeavour'.

Andy- Editor


By R C
On 30/12/2014

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