The Greek period of Newhaven ships

By Antonis Lazaris

Many ships from Newhaven came to Greece and continued their carreer.
"Valencay", "Vilandry", "Chartres" are three of these.
I want to upaload some photos of "Eptanisos", "Delos" and "Express Santorini" (the names that took the ships in Greece).
Only "Express Santorini" continues to travel in Portugal (from April to October).

All these ships wrote a great story in Greece and the passengers loved these ships.

Other ships that enjoyed careers in the sun included Worthing, Londres, Arromanches, Lisieux, Senlac and the three final 'Dieppe Screws'. Andy-Editor.

Photo:Eptanisos in Killini Port

Eptanisos in Killini Port

Antonis Lazaris

Photo:Express Santorini in Piraeus port

Express Santorini in Piraeus port

Antonis Lazaris

Photo:Eptanisos in Poros Port

Eptanisos in Poros Port

Antonis Lazaris

This page was added by Antonis Lazaris on 16/11/2011.
Comments about this page

Thanks Antonis for putting these interesting photos of the Newhaven ships in their later careers on service in the Mediterranean on this website. It's good to know they went on to provide more years of travel for their passengers.

By Derek Longly
On 18/11/2011

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