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Family Members?

By Jill Millwood

The Newhaven Conservation Trust would like to know if there are any surviving members of the Thomas Tipper family, as we would like to have his listed grave restored by a reputable stonemason. The bottom 3 lines of the poem on the headstone have been obliterated over time. The grave is in St Michael's churchyard in Newhaven. Church authorities have asked us for any information.

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For your interest, the Sussex Online Parish Clerks website has a full transcription for this headstone at - click on Monumental Inscriptions then the parish, church and then click on the magnifying glass for details.

By Pam Morrill (nee Britchfield)
On 13/01/2012

Thomas Tipper is our 5th Great  Granduncle.

By Harry Prosser
On 22/04/2016

I’ve been sitting around thinking that very same thing. I walk my dog round the church at least twice a day and I’m saddened by the state of Tom’s grave and was thinking of finding an estimate of the cost of restoration. Seeing as the man was a great brewer I was also wondering if any of his recipes survive especially his stingo. I thought perhaps local breweries might revive some of them and donate something to the restoration in his honour. Look forward to what folks think about this. 

By Jason Woodall
On 18/09/2019

This is fascinating - I'm 50% sure this is an ancestor of mine - we're Tippers of Dublin, Ireland, and I believe that from the UK, my ancestors moved to London then to Dublin c. 1850's. Must do more research but thank you very much indeed for posting this image and information. Shall go to for the transcription.

By Helen Tipper
On 11/01/2024

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