Meeting the Lifeboat Crew - 16th July 1962

By Pam Morrill (nee Britchfield)

I have just found this picture in my family archive, can anyone name any of the familiar faces?


Photo:West Quay 16th July  1962

West Quay 16th July 1962

E.B.A Studios

This page was added by Pam Morrill (nee Britchfield) on 12/01/2012.
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Looks like Frank Vacher behind the Queens head.


By Terry Howard
On 13/01/2012

Some of the crew members standing at the back from left to right I think are:- Harold Moore, ? , Edgar Moore, Eric Page (just a glimpse), Frank Vacher, Jack Shinn, Harold Hills (radio operator), Nat Holden, Hyme Schaverien, Ken Wood (just a glimpse), Bob Holden. Dick Sayers (Hon Sec.) is walking with the Duke of Edinburgh.

By John Hills
On 14/01/2012

Behind Prince Phillip I think is Earl Howe.

By Colin Holden
On 20/01/2012

The left hand of the 2 crewman under the post number 8, NOT wearing dark glasses is the late Jim Dearne.

Thank you Ray for that correction.

John -- Editor

By Ray Sexton
On 20/01/2012

We had all been issued with new RNLI seamans jerseys and red woolen hats for the day and instructed to wear black trousers and shoes. Just before the royals arrived a member of their team gave us a briefing, do not start a conversation, do not squeeze their hand etc. It was then spotted that Ken Wood was wearing brown shoes, he was made to change into black pair which they provided. Cresta Marine also opened the same day which we all attended, plus we had freedom of the day in all the public houses  A great day. All Holdens were "Nats", it is Steve that is shown.

By Colin Holden
On 21/01/2012

The second crewman from the left is my brother George Patten who sadly died in Canada at 65 years in May 1990. My other brother Len was the coxwain of the Newhaven Lifeboat years later. Len is currently living in Southampton. Both were involved with the Newhaven Sea Cadets. Len's son Robbie lives not far from me in Victoria B.C. Canada.

By Jack Patten, Canada
On 13/02/2012

I was born on 16 July 1962 and was surfing to see what happened around the world on that day, 50 years ago. I was amazed to see this photograph and the memories of so many people who were able to remember names, correct some of them, recollect those who have gone by... and yet, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh are the only common mainstays since then. It is indeed an amazing photograph and amazing fellowship of shared knowledge. Thank you.

By Bharat Bhushan
On 18/08/2012

This picture also appears in "The Lifeboat". Issue 600, summer 2012. But taken from a different angle, see pages 8 and 9. I am not able to transfer it to this site but maybe one of our editors can.

Being done - Andy.

By William Still
On 30/08/2012

I am led to believe that, sadly, Jack Shinn (in this picture) has passed away recently. Jack took me under his wing as a young 17 year old lifeboatman including both of us taking a 3 week passage in a 37ft Oakley relief lifeboat, in a March, from the beach at Dungeness up to Amble in Northumberland. The Oakley was an open boat, with just the engine room enclosed and could only manage a best speed of 8 knots, so the trip was a series of harbour hops up channel and then up the east coast, in fog and gales. He taught me to navigate using a chart and depth sounder with my hands as pararell rules. A great learning experience. He worked in the marina and also was in charge of the Trinitas, the trinity house vessel that supplied Beachy Head lighthouse and the Royal Sovereign light tower. Many happy memories...especially the yellow wellies. RIP Jack.

By Rob Patten
On 26/01/2016

I only saw them pass by in the car I was standing with many others at the bottom of the High Street.

By John Oakley
On 02/06/2016

Today, in Eastbourne, I came across an oil painting of the 44-019 with Newhaven Fort in the background. 

Message on the rear:

"May you both be happy in your new home.

Best wishes from Len, Fran, and Robbie"

Thanks for your postings so that I could get some history behind the painting and people. :-)

By Nick Woollard
On 15/01/2017

Hi Nick, I would be the "Robbie" in the message. Len was my late father Len Patten who was coxswain of the Newhaven Lifeboat, Louis Marchesi of Round Table - 44019. Fran is my mother, his wife. Where did you find the painting as it may pin down who the couple were in their new home.

By Rob Patten
On 25/01/2017

I remember this day my mum sent me down to save a place at the front of the crowd. My dad Frank (just behind the Queens head) was there and my younger sister Jane presented a bouquet to the Queen. I will always remember it as they all got chauffeured to and from the ceremony and I had to walk both ways.

By Chris Vacher
On 17/10/2017

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