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Tracey Evans



Tracey Evans

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What was this used for exactly? It looks a bit like one of the Victorian bathing machines.

By Jackie Blackwell
On 07/01/2008

Opposite,on the East Pier there was another one, both had lights in them to assist shipping to pass between them in the narrow harbour entrance at night, fog etc;

By Colin Holden
On 18/01/2008

Note that the "Lantern House" is located on a set of railway wheels similar to the small trolleys which used to be used by track workers on the railway. I had often wondered whether the whole structure might have been brought to the site by wheeling it down the old railway track which ran along the nearby road. Unfortunately the idea fell flat when I measured the distance across between the wheels and found that they would not have fitted on a normal railway track.

By Richard Beckett
On 04/02/2008

As far as I am aware, the railway tracks were to allow the whole building to be pulled back to allow maintenance to the front and also to trim the wick and fill the lamp.

By Keith Johnson
On 05/03/2008

Keep my yacht in marina and always look up to this bathing hut - not that many about. Yesterday walked to see damage done by ferry in storm and the hut looked as though it has been lacking a bit of tender care as far as paint goes-who has fenced it off and what is to be its long term future please??

By Mike Price (13/02/2008)

Mike - I have just spoken to Newhaven Town Council about the hut and they suggest you contact Newhaven Port and Property to find out the situation as it is their responsibility. Contact 01273 612926 or 612900. Jackie (Editor)

Not a lifeguard hut, but one of a matching pair of huts, each containing a lamp. The other was opposite on the East Pier. Known as the Red Light and Green Light, they marked the narrowest point of the harbour entrance, known as 'the narrows'. Ships then steered a safe course between them - usually, but that's several more different stories!

By Andy Gilbert (05/03/2008)

By Mike Price and Andy Gilbert
On 14/03/2008

The Falaise didn't always make it, did she??!!

By rogermorley
On 23/05/2008

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