Views from 1958 and 1963

Brenda Hall

The first view is a postcard dated 1958 and entitled Denton Village.The second view is a photograph dated 1958 and was taken by my aunt, who bought one of the new bungalows in Rookery Way.The third view is from the Downs at the back of Denton, looking towards the sea, also taken by my aunt and dated is 1963.

Note the massive melting snow drifts on the hills in the third image, indicating the picture would have been taken in late April or early May, that winter was the coldest on record. Great pictures of Denton showing the development of Cantercrow Hill, Rookery Way, Wellington Road and before St Leonards Close.

Laurie Editor.

Photo:Denton Village - 1958

Denton Village - 1958

Brenda Hall collection

Photo:Denton - 1958

Denton - 1958

Brenda Hall

Photo:Denton / Lewes Close - 1963

Denton / Lewes Close - 1963

Brenda Hall

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