A cold snap in 1968

By Andy Gilbert and Susan Carnochan

1968 was my first year at Tideway. I remember being in the language lab for French when it started snowing. Everyone went mad, just looking out of the windows. Peter Britten just gave up on the lesson.

Then it kept on snowing and we were simply told to go home. Can you imagine what the Health and Safety bods would say about that today!

But, as you can see from the photos, much fun was to be had before you went home!

Are you in the photos? Do you recognise anyone? Who is that teacher?

Photo:Fun in the snow

Fun in the snow

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:More fun in the snow

More fun in the snow

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

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Comments about this page

The name Peter Britten brings back a few memories. I was at the school then known as Newhaven Secondary Modern in 1965. Had Peter Britten for English and French. The tape machines aka language lab were installed that year as I remember. He was an excellent Teacher. Called me haystack, something to do with my hair. Had Mr Pearson for Maths and I think he installed my love for Maths.

By Michael Player
On 07/03/2013

Hi there, I was just looking through the website for any old pictures of my mum. She is sadly dead now but your picture above looks like it might include her. I don't suppose you know if it does? Do you remember a girl called Brenda Teddar she lived in Northdown Close. Don't worry if not I'm just curious. The larger girl in the picture above wearing a blue scarf looks like her. Thanks Amanda

By Amanda Harvey
On 04/10/2013

I can remember that afternoon like it was yesterday, the school finished early and every one sent home, all the buses and transport had stopped. I lived in Peacehaven and it took over two hours to walk home. We lived on the South Coast Road in the family newsagents,  we stayed open late into the evening watching  this continously line of people trudging along the coast road trying to get home, some of which lived along the coast in Shoreham. Great memories and school days

By neil barrett
On 28/08/2015

If the newsagents was the one near Roderick Avenue, I used to spend my bus money there on No. 6 cigarettes in the morning and walk to school!! I lived at 3 Roderick Avenue. 

By Peter Boys
On 02/05/2016

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