How it was in the 1960's - part 1

By Andy Gilbert and Susan Carnochan

Here are a few more from the collection of photos kindly made available to Our Newhaven by Susan Carnochan - better known as Miss Butlin to many of her students from that era.
Are you in one of these photos? Can you put some names to faces?

Photo:I know the answer!

I know the answer!

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Dinner in the dining hall before it became the library/resource centre.

Dinner in the dining hall before it became the library/resource centre.

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Exams in the main school hall.

Exams in the main school hall.

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Studying in the library

Studying in the library

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

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Comments about this page

The Examination Time looks to be 1965. The Dining area seems to be 1966.

By Peter Stephens
On 23/07/2013

I loved Miss Butlin's history classes--great memories. Oh my, the lunch room and the exam hall; who can forget them?

By Caroline Morrison (nee Taylor)
On 07/02/2014

I remember a very young Miss Butlin teaching us history. I loved history at school, school dinners as well. Very unusual seating arrangements.

By Sue Lawrence nee Thorogood
On 13/03/2014

I vividly remember Miss Butlin teaching us history at Hillcrest School. I would so much like to send her a greeting and best wishes - is this possible?

Sue looks in regularly, so I think you just have! I will also pass on your best wishes next time I see her. Andy-Editor

By Bob Harris
On 09/05/2014

An overdue apology to Miss Butlin - something that has stayed with me for over 50 years ! I was in one of her classes at Hillcrest and most of us  were mis-behaving to such a degree that she became very upset ; it was Sally Forster , a fellow pupil in the class, who had the guts and decency to give us a dressing down. This incident has never left me . So a huge apology to you Susan Carnochan even if you don't remember this ! And Sally Forster, if you ever read this, you sure left an impression on me !

By Bob Harris
On 02/02/2016

I must have been in that class with Bob Harris and Sally Forster and thinking about it you're right Bob, it was a memorable moment. There are some teachers who leave a lasting impression on all of us I think - Miss Butlin (Susan Carnochan) was certainly the person who fired my lifelong interest in history.  I took the science course route and that meant I was unable to follow through to history O-level. However, in retirement I have had the time to make good that omission and now spend time searching for 'lost' Public Rights of Way. My very best wishes to Sue Carnochan, with a big thank you. 

By Charles Wrench
On 03/03/2017

I've just spent the afternoon with my sister and Sue Carnochan, chatting over old times and picking up some more material to scan for future Our Newhaven pages. As I said back in 2014, Sue does look in and comment from time to time, so I'm sure she will read this.

By Andy Gilbert
On 06/03/2017

I remember school in the 1960s and one of the teachers I liked was Mr Funnell the maths teacher, although he was  one of the older teachers. The headmaster at time didn't think I would do well in life; shame he can't see me now having worked for the Government all my life. 

By Christina Wood (nee Smith)
On 06/03/2017

Hello Charles Wrench. You probably don't remember me but as I recall you were about the cleverest in the class ! Also I think I see you in one of the library pictures.

Best wishes,

Bob Harris

By Bob Harris
On 08/03/2017

Hi to you Bob (Harris).  Indeed I do remember – I trust that you are keeping well.   I think your memory is playing tricks with you though – there were a lot of clever people in that class!   I wonder where they all are now – 50 years on!    Yes, you are probably right about the library picture – that was quite a surprise.    Best wishes,

By Charles Wrench
On 10/03/2017

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