Memories of my Grandfather

By John Oakley

This photo is my Grandfather Robert William Oakley. I think the uniform he is wearing is Coast Guard. It looks as if he is on the quay. I have no idea of the identity the sailors with him. By the band on their hats they would probably been crew members of the Worthing or the Brighton.( Date about 1932) the dog he is holding is a poneranium which he used to look after.

I mentioned the Brighton - this ship was lost at Dunkirk, many Newhaven people died on it I was told at the time; a bomb was dropped down the funnel. Our neighbour was one of those killed.

His cap badge looks like it includes the Newhaven-Dieppe houseflag, rather than the letters CG in coiled rope, which would suggest he was a member of the crew, rather than Coastguard. Andy-Editor

Photo:Robert William Oakley

Robert William Oakley

My Grandfather

This page was added by John Oakley on 14/08/2015.
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Thanks for the information about cap badge you are almost certainly correct. He did work for Southern Railway, who at that time owned, or ran, the ships. He had been a coastguard after leaving the navy, when on duty he carried a sword stick and had a police whistle. Which he gave to me in about 1941. I blew it outside, everyone thought it was a gas warning and it was confiscated for the duration of the war by the ARP officer.(His surname was Franklin). I was given it back but since lost it. The sword stick he used to stake up his tomatoes.

By John Oakley
On 15/08/2015

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