More from the photo collection of Sue Carnochan (Miss Butlin)

By Sue Carnochan and Andy Gilbert

I've now had a chance to meet up again with Sue Carnochan (better known to many as Miss Butlin) and to scan and index more of her photo collection.

I'm starting with this group merely because it has some of my older sister Liz Gilbert - there are many, many more photos to come and I'll post them over the next few months.

To start off with this time, a photo of Sue, my sister and I as we reminisced over tea, cakes and photos!

Then it's back to the 1960s for photo 2, with a shot of Liz Gilbert, Linda Capon and Sue Herriott on the beach at Seaford. All three girls were keen on sailing and would often be out in the boats at Piddinghoe Pond or Seaford beach.

Photo 3 shows one of the school's teachers, Nina Grove, whilst on a school trip to Scotland.

Sue Carnochan helped organise many field trips and camping trips.

Photo 4 shows Sue Carnochan and Liz Gilbert outside one of the (very basic!) tents.

Photo 5 shows more sailing, and we think this may be at Whitstable for a competition. We can't put a name to all the faces yet, but four of those that we can recognise are Sue Carnochan, Maurice Norman, Arthur Oxborrow and Simon Thomas.

Photo 6 was taken at Piddinghoe Pond and shows Trevor Archer and Linda Capon.

Finally, photo 7 was taken at a sports day on the school's sports field in the mid 1960s. Can anyone name the two lads?

Photo:Tea, cakes and slides!

Tea, cakes and slides!

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Sue Herriott, Liz Gilbert and Linda Capon

Sue Herriott, Liz Gilbert and Linda Capon

Sue Carnochan

Photo:Nina Grove

Nina Grove

Sue Carnochan

Photo:Sue Carnochan and Liz Gilbert

Sue Carnochan and Liz Gilbert

Sue Carnochan collection

Photo:Sailing at Whitstable

Sailing at Whitstable

Sue Carnochan collection

Photo:Trevor Archer and Linda Capon

Trevor Archer and Linda Capon

Sue Carnochan

Photo:School Sports Day

School Sports Day

Sue Carnochan

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 13/02/2017.
Comments about this page

I believe photo 7 shows Bill Mullett on the left and Roger Weedon on the right. Sadly Roger has passed away now.

By Eric Forbes
On 15/02/2017

Photo 7.....I think it's Bob Cains on the left.....not Bill Mullett 

By Paul Blackman
On 18/02/2017

Sorry.....spelt Bob's surname incorrectly...should have read Cairns

By Paul Blackman
On 19/02/2017

Photo 5 ....... It's Arthur Oxborrow (Oxborrow & Richards, Peacehaven) standing next to my cousin Simon Thomas.

Thanks for the correction - I've amended the text. Andy, Editor

By Geoff Thomas
On 07/03/2017

Nina Grove was my English teacher and she instilled in me a great love of English. In the latter stage of my career, I taught English in a secondary school. She introduced me to Dylan Thomas and I can still remember her description of the city of Coventry, the day after it had been bombed.  A wonderful teacher and lovely to be able to see this photo.

By Lesley Flowers (nee Firmin)
On 16/04/2017

I should very much like Mrs Carnochan to know that I have a new book out in February this year (2018), published by Jonathan Cape. It's my eighth book; and although they are all history heavy, this one is straightforwardly a history book. When she was Miss Butlin, she taught me A level (Mr White taught me O level) history; and that it's at least in part thanks to inspirational teachers like her that I've managed to hack a living as an author and broadcaster.

By Ian Marchant
On 21/01/2018

Sue does look in from time to time, so I hope that she will see this. If not, I'll mention it next time we meet. 

There are plenty more photos to come from her archives, just a matter of finding the time to prepare all the pages, but I'll get there!


By Andy Gilbert
On 23/01/2018

In the sailing at Whitstable pic, the lad leaning on the furled sail looks to be the younger of the Graham brothers (I think it's the jacket that gives a clue)

By Rob Vinall
On 01/02/2018

I remember Sue Butlin when she taught me A level history in 1971/1972. I was a useless student but she was an outstanding teacher. Remember particularly visiting the Houses of Parliament with her. I got lost on the tube lol

By Peter Joyce
On 15/08/2021

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