Lower High Street and Riverside

By Andy Gilbert

Brian Prevett, Admin of the 'Memories of East Sussex' Facebook group has kindly allowed me to share some of his Newhaven photos here on Our Newhaven, as not everyone 'does' Facebook. (For those that do, Brian's group has a lot of fascinating old photos and postcards of old East Sussex locations and is well worth a look!)

I'm starting with these views of the lower end of the High Street and the old bridge to Denton Island. Not much, if anything remains of the buildings near to the bridge, but the Bridge Hotel is still there, of course.

The small boats in the first photo belong to the RNVR or the Sea Cadet Corps, by the look of things, I think the larger one is a 'whaler'.

The second photo is almost a reverse view, looking down towards the bridge from the High Street. The Bridge Hotel is at the right, with Mrs Warnes' shop at the left.

The date for these photos is given as 1956.

Photo:The old bridge

The old bridge

Memories of East Sussex

Photo:Looking from the High Street

Looking from the High Street

Memories of East Sussex

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 13/08/2018.
Comments about this page

Wonderful to see the photo of Riverside. It was my mother’s family home for many years and I lived there until I was about 7. It is the large White House on the left of picture 1. My brother Barry Wilkinson still a Newhaven resident was born there. 

Thank you so much Andy for making my day.

Carole Knott(Wilkinson )

By Carole Knott (Wilkinson )
On 13/08/2018

I have this view in a water colour by George Sims Snr . The only things missing are the small boats otherwise it is an identical image.

By Terry Howard
On 17/08/2018

I did not know you lived there Carol, what great memories. 

By Ian Walton
On 23/08/2018

Hi Ian

We moved from Riverside to St Luke’s Lane early 1950s. My gran (Mrs Simmons) and her family lived in the house for many years. Such nice memories. I now live in a small village in Lincolnshire. A bit different to Newhaven.

Carole Knott (Wilkinson)


By Carole Knott
On 24/08/2018

What lovely photos,  l haven't  seen these views before. Does anyone remember  the building behind Bridge Hotel with the black doors was used for as l remember  my Grandfather  sliding them back as he kept his car in there, it seemed to  me a huge dark space with a few cars in there perhaps a funeral directors  vehicles?  Cannot think why Grandfather  was allowed to park there as they lived top of High street, he had the shoe repairers.

By Teresa Mackintosh
On 06/04/2022

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