Three aerial views of Denton village taken in 1950

By John Hills

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Photo:Looking North

Looking North


Starting from middle bottom of picture is the Denton Hatchery just above is St Leonards Church, to the right of the church is one of the local pig farms.

 A Free range chicken area is located between the pig farm and Wellington road at the top, which has three pairs of white houses, the two on the right in the picture were built in 1929/30. Beyond Wellington Road the fields, which are now part of the South Downs National Park, we can just make out a tractor in the field


Photo:Looking West

Looking West

At the top of the picture there are only three houses in Acacia Road with just three properties in Denton Rise on the right.

The Denton Hatchery ( even closer look at the Hatchery ) and St Leonards Church in the middle.

Opposite the church, the small cottage is where Ralph Reader lived after being orphaned at the age of eight. He spent the rest of his childhood being brought up in by his aunts & uncles in the cottage. He attended the 2nd Denton and South Heighton troop and later became a actor, theatrical producer and also staged the original Gang Shows.


Photo:Looking East

Looking East

Lewis Close are the row of white cottages at the top of the picture.

Middle right is the house at the junction of Heighton Road and Denton Road.

Towards the bottom of the picture is the track which is now Rectory Road, just above and the left is The Old Rectory with the back of St Leonards Church to its right, parts the building we see today date back to the c12.

In the ground at the back of the church, remains have been discovered that show an old wooden Saxon Church may have existed on the site dating back to 900AD.

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Comments about this page

Amazing photographs John, Acacia road as I have not seen it since dad took us out there and showed us where our new home was going to be. Our bungalow was built right opposite the top house in the image. Then Wellington road, our house number 31 looks to be the furthest right although the plot does not look as big as I remember it

Not quite Terry yours was the righthand one of the middle pair in the main picture or the in the enlarged version of the two white houses; the left-hand of the two are numbers 29 & 31. I can tell you the trees in their back gardens are very large now!

John -- Editor

By Terry Howard
On 23/04/2020

So pleased I saw this page, Jack and I were your neighbours in 29 and John eventually moved in the other side of us.

Jacqueline Patten  Canada

Lovely to hear from Jacqueline, hope you and family are well.

John - Editor

By Jacqueline Patten
On 24/04/2020

Thanks John, I can see which one it is now. The tree was pretty big when we were there as I remember, its a Sycamore I think. I have some photos of the garden somewhere I will look them up as I have plenty of time now. Hope you are all ok. Yes good to hear from you too Jacqueline hope you are well also.

Yes Terry all well, you are right it is a Sycamore tree, each of the "white houses" has one in the back garden. Probably planted when the properties were built.

John -- Editor

By Terry Howard
On 28/04/2020

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