Family memories of life at the Hope Inn in the 1960's

By Nick Searle

Some photographs taken in the mid to late 60's of and from the Hope Inn during the time my parents were the tenants.

Thank you Nick for sharing your family photos with us, you must have been at home when I was at the Hope Inn on Friday 27th November with a group of friends celebrating my last day of being single! Great pub.

John -- Editor  


Photo:The Hope Inn 1966

The Hope Inn 1966

Nick Searle



Nick Searle

Photo:View from Hope balcony

View from Hope balcony

Nick Searle

Photo:Flood in 1968

Flood in 1968

Nick Searle

Photo:Flood in 1965

Flood in 1965

Nick Searle

Photo:Flood in 1965

Flood in 1965

Nick Searle

Photo:Flood 1965 with me in front of the kiosk

Flood 1965 with me in front of the kiosk

Nick Searle

Photo:Taken in 1964

Taken in 1964

Nick Searle

Photo:Me on the Hope balcony 1965

Me on the Hope balcony 1965

Nick Searle

Photo:The Hope Kiosk with my brother Peter open on 27th March 1964

The Hope Kiosk with my brother Peter open on 27th March 1964

Nick Searle

Photo:Hope Inn saloon bar 1964

Hope Inn saloon bar 1964

Nick Searle

Photo:Basil Searle behind the public bar 1964

Basil Searle behind the public bar 1964

Nick Searle

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Comments about this page

I can remember the Hope looking like that, and it wasn't so different when they extended the front near the doors. (Not so keen on the 'conservatory', I liked the balcony better!) Love the Vauxhall - a Cresta, I think. A definite touch of Americana from Luton!

I remember some of the floods, too. The one of the ships in 1964 was a special occasion. 31st May, 1964, the inaugural crossing of the 'Falaise', opening the Newhaven-Dieppe car ferry service.

And I have fond memories of helping to carry an electronic organ into the bar for a few Christmas parties and New Year's Eve parties. And perhaps very vivid memories of struggling to take an organ up the steep stairs at the right and into the flat for the then landlord and landlady, Pete and Fiona Cooper.


By Andy Gilbert
On 18/04/2020

I hope someone can confirm this memory! I‘m sure the kiosk used to have a lovely coffee ice cream in a cornet when I was child (b.1952) and it was a treat - never found one as good......

By Val Lidster (nee Vinall)
On 29/04/2020

I've asked this before but does anyone know when the Hope went from being a regular looking building with a peaked roof to the art deco inspired structure that it is today, as there are pictures on this site showing it in it's earlier condition. Art Deco was popular before the war but I'm wondering if the building was damaged by the barge explosion enough that it needed rebuilding, at which time the Art Deco theme came about. 

By Rob Patten
On 05/05/2020

The Hope was rebuilt in 1936/7 in the moderne style - a planning application was approved in February 1936 and further application for 'temporary accommodation ' in  Nov 1936. The architect was Stavers Tiltman of Brighton who also designed the well known moderne style terminal building at Shoreham airport which is grade 2* listed.  A great shame the Hope's architectural integrity has been badly damaged by subsequent 'improvements '. Does anyone know if the  moderne/art deco style was featured in the interior?

By Will Pilfold
On 10/11/2020

Whilst serving with the RAF at 1107 Marine CRAFT UNIT Newhaven 1959-1962, I met my late wonderful wife Deirdre the daughter of Babs and Peter March who ran the Hope at Newhaven from 1959 until 1964. Newhaven was a wonderful town full of very interesting characters many whom drank in the Hope when I helped behind the bar. Would like to hear from anyone who lived there is those far forgotten times. I now live in Bognor Regis.   Charles James (telephone number removed website rules).

Editors note:- If you wish to contact Charles we can pass on your contact details.


By Charles James
On 03/04/2022

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