Photo:Train driver Thomas Moody

Train driver Thomas Moody

Evening Standard

Driver of the First Boat Train after W.W.2

By Tony Tomlin

Thomas Moody 27/12/1879 – 19/6/1952 (my grandfather)

He drove the first Boat Train out of London in 1945. The photo shows him shaking hands with, I understand, a director.

On the back of a photocopy of the photo is written “Eve Standard Neg” and the agency address.

The engine is Atlantic H1 2038 Portland Bill.

I would be grateful for any more information.

Does anyone know what the string, which appears to be coming out of the Director's hat was for? I also appears on a similar photo of an Atlantic engine else where on this site.

Click on picture for a more detailed view.


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Reading your Article on your Grandfather reminded me of my Grt Grandfather Levi Moody, who lived in Brinkworth Wiltshire then moved to Kingston near Lewes.

I was doing some family research at St Marys in Tarring and found a small cross for Alice Moody.

Initially I thought it was my relative but now realised no connection.

Wondering if she was connected your family and whether you were aware of the cross.

If you are interested please contact me. 

By Mel Allen
On 01/09/2020

This is the same Locomotive, Link to train should you want one of your own!

By Tony Tomlin
On 17/11/2020

Mel Allen
Do you have any dates?  I have a couple of Alices on my family tree but none in that area. However my Grandmother, Thomas Moody's wife was Maud Lilian Allen, but I believe they came from the Willesden area.  Small world isn't it.

By Tony Tomlin
On 18/11/2020

We are thinking of getting the Bachmann model of the Atlantic H1 2038 Portland Bill and setting it up as the boat train (albeit in Green rather than Black). Unfortunately, I've not been able to find any information on formations of this train before 1955, which is rather later than we want to model.

What stock should I be looking to put behind this loco to represent a Newhaven Boat Train in the post-war but pre-nationalisation period? I'm guessing it would be Maunsell stock, and probably in Malachite livery, but what type and diagram of coaches? Boat trains were rather unusual in having all three classes, but I'm not sure whether the pre-war boat train sets would have still been available at this time. can anybody help?


By Tony Tomlin
On 19/11/2020



Its very strange how life goes.  My Grand Mother was a Moody and she Married an Allen from Lewes.

Not related to your family unless it goes way back.

Send me your email address and I will send you my Moody Family tree. I bet there's something there!


We will pass your email address on to Tony if he requests

John  --  Editor

By Mel Allen
On 22/11/2020


Please send Mel my email address.

Your email address has passed on to Mel as requested  Tony

John -- Editor

By Tony Tomlin
On 16/12/2020

Update - The Gentleman in the Hat is [we think] Lord Leathers, Minister of War Transport see -

By Tony Tomlin
On 28/12/2020

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