4th year School photo

By Robin Miller



This picture was taken in our final year at Meeching Junior School in summer 1968.  Most of us are from Mr Hughes' class but there appear to be some people from Mrs Guy's class too. 

Apologies if I've forgotten your name, misspelt it or given you the wrong name - it was a long time ago!  

Back row: Mr Hughes, ?, Deborah Porter, Jean Winch (I think), Stephen Robinson, Reg Woolford, Andrew Morley, Paul Troak, Brian Franklin, Kevin Aldridge, Keith Jay, Alan Mockford, Bernard Winter, Vicki Busk, ?, Mr Butler

Mid Row: Mrs Guy, Karen Payne, Maxine Facer, Beverly Townsend, Tony Knights, Peter Payne, Mark Rigby, Annette Cornfield, Gillian Beswetherick, Fiona Cameron, Roger Simmons, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Miller (me), Miss Neall

Front:  ?, Jim Heacock, Mark Kirk, Larry Tucknott, Neil Smith, Kevin Mossop, Keith Watt, Michael Taylor, ?, Adrian White, Steven Porritt, ?.

Best wishes to all my old Meeching schoolmates, wherever life has taken you. Hopefully it will help bring back some happy memories.





This page was added by Robin Miller on 13/02/2022.
Comments about this page

Hello Robin

Thank you for taking the time to upload this picture and for putting a name to so many faces! You’ve done a brilliant job, I was confident I could remember lots of names and faces but I couldn’t have done half the job you’ve done. You named me correctly, I remember you and even remember going to your house for tea on one occasion! It certainly has brought back some memories and I can’t believe I had so much hair lol!

I haven’t got a copy of this photo so I’m really pleased to see it here. I have posted a message about these school days, and have indeed mentioned this photo on the Meeching School Magazine 1967 page.

I think the girl next to Deborah Porter could be a girl named Brenda Archer? The girl next to Vickie Busk could be Marion Hill? Also, the girl next to her could be Janet Bishop? Like you though, I’ve tried but I can’t put a name to the three boys on the front row. They must have stayed perhaps only a short while and that’s why they don’t register.

It would be great if photos from the other classes were put on here, then we’d see lots of other familiar faces and names from our year. I’ve noted that you’ve put up an infant school photo. I wasn’t in that class but I remember a lot of the children. Could that be Rosemary Lambert? Just a stab at a name I remember.

Well thanks for the memories and I hope you’re well and happy and best wishes to you. Kindest regards.

By Andrew Morley
On 25/02/2022

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