August 1963

By Robin Miller

This picture dated August 1963 was taken on a trip out to sea on the Newhaven lifeboat Kathleen Mary. The man on the right is my father Bob Miller and the boy in front of him is me, aged 6. The woman in the scarf is Joyce Moore, wife of Edgar Moore who was lifeboat coxswain at the time.  Edgar and Joyce were also our next door neighbours, which is probably why we managed to get an invite to go out on the trip.

My father was a Coastguard and we moved to Newhaven in July that year, so can only have lived there for a few weeks when the picture was taken.  Can anyone identify the others on the picture?

Photo:Trip on the Lifeboat

Trip on the Lifeboat

Robin Miller

This page was added by Robin Miller on 16/06/2022.
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How long were you in Newhaven Robin ? My family moved there in 1964 and my father Len was an auxiliary coastguard before joining the lifeboat as signalman. If I remember correctly Edgar and Joyce lived at the very end of the row of coastguard cottages next to Geneva Road (Chalky Hill). My uncle, George, was Edgar's 2nd coxswain. 

By Rob Patten
On 24/06/2022

Rob - we moved to Newhaven in summer 1963 and left in spring 1970.  Your father would have been an auxiliary when my father was one of the coastguards.  We lived in the 3rd house along from Chalky Hill. Edgar and Joyce lived next door in the 4th house. After the new Coastguard houses were built in 1970s the first house in the terrace was divided into 2 flats and Edgar and Joyce moved into one of them, which is why you remember them living next to Chalky Hill.

Edgar was lifeboat coxswain during the seven years we lived in Newhaven. He was also a boat builder and had a small yard on Denton Island.  Joyce worked on Denton Island too, at Fergusons. She died in 1979. Edgar remarried and continued living in the flat next to Chalky Hill until he died sometime in the early 1990s. 

By Robin Miller
On 05/07/2022

Hi Robin. My father Len, who moved from Aux Coastguard to lifeboat signalman, took over from Edgar as lifeboat coxswain in 1976 when Newhaven received a new class of boat. My uncle George was Edgar's 2nd coxswain. Edgar was a frequent visitor to our house and, as a crewmember myself, I had the privilege to take part in lifeboat 'shout' as crew to Edgar, when the reserve lifeboat was launched to assist the station lifeboat, in a search in December 1981. Edgar was press ganged from the fisherman's club to take the helm one last time of the Watson class Tynesider, stored in the old boathouse, as the Newhaven lifeboat was already at sea off of Brighton marina assisting a yacht. He was quite the sight to a newbie lifeboatman in his flat cap and fisherman's jacket, hands firm on the wheel and with his one good eye taking in every detail and nuance of the waves and swell. We automatically clipped our safety harnesses onto the boat, but was told by Edgar to unclip as if the lifeboat capsized she would not likely self right. A dose of reality to a nipper (17) like me, or as my late father would say, "Character Building". 

By Rob Patten
On 20/07/2022

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