The Huts, Denton Island.

By Louise Keen & John Hills

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'OLD DENTON ISLAND' page

This picture is of my Grandmother Louisa Atherden with my father Fred and his sister Alice. My father had written on the back that it was 4, The Huts, Denton Island. My gran is showing the neighbour, Mrs Richards, a letter she had received from Uncle Charlie in Australia. It was addressed to Louisa Atherden, Newhaven, English Channel, from Sydney, Australia. The postal service was very good in those days !

My great grand father Joseph Pittam and wife Jane lived at number 8 The Huts between c1884 to c1914 and they managed to raise 11 children in the more than 30 years while living there !

Pictured below outside of No 8 The Huts Denton Island in 1903.

John -- Editor

Photo:Pittam Family 1903

Pittam Family 1903

© Hills family collection

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