" Edith Mary " pictured about 1966

By John Hills

A picture of one of the many small angling boats that used to leave the port at weekends, taking anglers from all over the south east out on day's fishing trip in 1960/70's. With skipper Harold " Trotter " Hills at the helm.

Moored on the east quay is one of the bucket dredgers ( Andy will tell us which one ! ) with a mud barge moored alongside.

Also the stern of the " Meeching  " is just visible behind the white yacht moored alongside.

The " Edith Mary " was built in Edgar Moore's boatyard on Denton Island in about 1958.

Photo:" Edith Mary "

" Edith Mary "

M. W. Hills private collection

This page was added by John Hills on 29/02/2008.
Comments about this page

He he, it's the Testside again, John!

Now, I'm going to sound like an anorak (again, they cry!) but I think this is post '65. Meeching appears to be blue, with grey bulwarks, and the white line above the boat topping at the waterline has appeared (at my Dad's insistence - he thought it looked smarter). Unless it's just the colours fading a bit on the photo, of course. Then your date could be spot on.

I know how hard it can be to date pix, I've got plenty that I can't, and I'm ashamed to say I didn't even try, (when I posted the pix of the ring road), but when it comes to Meeching, I sort of recognise the clues, I suppose.


By Andy Gilbert
On 01/03/2008

That is the small harbour dredger, John.  She was called "Test side" some real nice pictures you have put in here. It brings back many memories for me. well done.

By william Still
On 01/03/2008

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