Bedford Street or Bedford Solicitors?

Photo:A House on Bedford Street

A House on Bedford Street


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Where was Bedford Street? Isn't this the house in the High Street which is now occupied by a Solicitors Office?

By Richard Beckett
On 14/04/2008

Being one of the telecom repair men for the town I figured I knew most of the streets, but I can't place Bedford Street?

By Rob Patten
On 04/06/2008

As stated originally, I am certain this IS an old photo of the property where Bedford Solicitors now operate in the HIGH STREET. Interesting to note detail when the photo is examined closely such as the haphazard layers of brickwork repairs/addition to the left and above the doorway. I wonder if originally the doorway was much higher and wider, such as an open entrance to a yard or similar. Also the line of a apparent "joint" extending virtually all the way up to the right of the doorway where an adjacent property has possibly been added afterwards.

By Richard Beckett
On 13/06/2008

Concerning the comment regarding the haphazard brick repairs; it appears to me that this is an example of a building faced with mathematical tiles, as commonly found in the Lewes and Brighton areas.

By Chris Morris
On 31/03/2009

It was Bedford and Welstead. Between Barclays Bank and the White Hart. I remember when Mr Welstead moved on they just scored two lines through his name on the brass plaque, very professional.

By Ron Herriott
On 13/12/2009

There are only 5 streets in Newhaven.

They are:-

High Street, Chapel Street, Bridge Street, Ship Street and Baker Street.

John - Editor

By Ron Herriott
On 30/01/2014

Bedford and Co. were my parents solicitors. I can't remember the name of the partners. I think one of them lived in Peacehaven, dad used to go to lunch with him every month or so. Can anyone come up with any names of the partners?

The two main partners in firm at that time in the 1960's would have been Edward Stanilaus Colyer Kendall who lived in Rottingdean and Patrick Cowley Thomas who I believe lived in Bishopstone.

John -- Editor

By Terry Howard
On 07/10/2019

Thanks John, his name has been on the tip of my tongue for days. Edward Kendall was Mum and Dad's solicitor for as long as I can remember.

 All part of our service and its free !

John - Editor

By Terry Howard
On 08/10/2019

Reading Chris Morris's piece above reminded me of a job I did in 1999. A lady who owned an old manor house near Rye asked me to build an extension to the side of the place. It was clad with the mathematical tiles and we soon found out that they were hanging there on a wing and a prayer. I had to rehang the whole side as any vibration loosened them. We were asked to form diamond patterns in a different colour as well which was fun. Lime mortar was fun to use as well no matter how much you covered up it still left red blotches on your skin. 

By Terry Howard
On 09/10/2019

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