Marine Shops Apprentices 1946

By Bryan Berry

Top row: "Skin" Hillman, Ken Clark, Morris Hill,?,Brian Bern

Bottom row: Bill Davis, Ron Deusart, John Peacock, Ralph Browning,?,? Payne, ? Whittle

The Worthing on the Hard.  She had sprung a leak in the forward boiler room 1952

Brighton VI on the Gridiron.  I remember working underneath on inleys and the propellers - No hard hats in those days!

Photo:TSS Dinard

TSS Dinard

Bryan Berry

Photo:SS Worthing on the Hard

SS Worthing on the Hard

Bryan Berry

Photo:Brighton VI on the Gridiron

Brighton VI on the Gridiron

Bryan Berry

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NIce shot of the Brighton getting her spruce-up on the grid. The steamer ahead of her would be the Londres, I'm sure. I remember the Denrow here for years!

Any idea of the year? The AA Raymond has yet to make it up to the Marine Shops, there's a very small sand dredger at the 'coal wharf' being unloaded by crane. Late 50's or very early 60's probably.

By Andy Gilbert
On 05/03/2008

An interesting photo. I think the trawler inboard of "Denrow" might well be the "Royela" owned by a Mr Roy Greening ( his wifes name was Elaine, hence the vessels mix of dual names). This vessel left and went to the Channel Islands for a while before working out of Rye, East Sussex, for her last period of fishing. She was decommissioned and broken up I believe around the early 1999 /2000 time in accordance with EU Fishing schemes which offered to decommission such craft.

The "Denrow" unfortunately went to a watery grave when she sprung a plank and sank some miles off Newhaven Harbour in the mid 1970's.

This picture was taken during 1960's as sheerlegs are still there together with the handsome T.S. Brighton in her original buff colour scheme, although she is having some major overhaul work carried out while on the gridiron.

By Chris Young
On 06/03/2009

TSS Dinard: I was so excited to find this photograph as I have an identical in our family album.

Do you have any Newhaven-based photos in the family album that you could share with us? Andy, Editor.

By Louise Slee (daughter of John Peacock)
On 29/05/2010

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