Does anyone know the name of the ferry?

Photo by Bob Jackson

It appears the Stena line ferry is perilously close to the end of the west pier.

I cannot recall the ferry's name or year of photo being taken (shame on me)   -   I'm sure others will know its name and the approximate date. I'm convinced it would be mid 1990's.

Note the fishermen on the breakwater!

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This is Stena Pegasus. She was brought in to replace Newhaven's first fast ferry, the Stena Lynx, which had proven so popular that she was soon too small to cope with the demand. Unfortunately, Stena Pegasus was a poor seaboat and not comfortable in anything other than a calm sea. Same basic design as the later Hoverspeed fast ferries, but they were fitted with a "T-Foil" stabilizer system that improved the ride. Mid 90's, I think. Haven't got the info close to hand.

By Andy Gilbert
On 05/03/2008

According to The ferry-site (www.ferry-site.dk) the Stena Lynx used that name from 1995-1999. The Stena Pegasus was only named that in 1996. When I moved to Newhaven in 1997, the Pegasus featured on the local information guide but the ferry service was operated by the Stena Antrim and the Stena Cambria. In 1998, the Stena Lynx III, a much bigger cat, started its operation. Changing its name to the Elite and later P&O Stena Elite. Eventually to be succeeded by Hoverspeed's SuperSeaCats... as noted by Andy.

By Rod Main
On 15/05/2008

Just to update the details, having now researched ALL the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry dates on this page: http://www.ournewhaven.org.uk/page_id__2345.aspx Stena Pegasus arrived here in mid 1996 as Pegasus One, being renamed Stena Pegasus just before she took over from Stena Lynx 1. I assume she reverted to her original name when she left the service here. Stena Antrim and Stena Cambria never actually worked the service together, Newhaven-Dieppe was a one ferry plus fast ferry operation from 1996 onwards. Antrim replaced the far superior Stena Parisien, wanted back on the Dover routes, and worked from late 1996 to 1997, and Cambria from 1997 to 1997. Stena Lynx III/Elite/POSL Elite ran alongside both of these from 1997 to 1998.

By Andy Gilbert
On 05/07/2012

I think you will find it was called the Pegasus

Thank you for confirming the ferry's name.

John -- Editor

By J law
On 05/03/2023

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