Over the years

By Andy Gilbert

A while ago, Les Harris leant me his photo collection of ships at Newhaven. Some have been posted on the Ships Nostalgia website, but many also deserve an airing here.

So here are some of his photos of various ferries, plus a few of my own.

Photo:Falaise in 1966

Falaise in 1966

Postcard from Andy Gilbert collection

Photo:Leaving Newhaven for the last time 1972

Leaving Newhaven for the last time 1972

K LeSceleour

Photo:Villandry in 1968

Villandry in 1968

Les Harris

Photo:Valencay in 1968

Valencay in 1968

Les Harris

Photo:Dover, late 1960's.

Dover, late 1960's.

Les Harris

Photo:Capitaine LeGoff, 1972

Capitaine LeGoff, 1972

Les Harris

Photo:Senlac, 1973

Senlac, 1973

Les Harris

Photo:Chartres in 1975

Chartres in 1975

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Chantilly in 1977

Chantilly in 1977

Les Harris

Photo:Our first fast ferry, Stena Lynx

Our first fast ferry, Stena Lynx

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Stena Parisien and Stena Pegasus

Stena Parisien and Stena Pegasus

Andy Gilbert

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I remember this very first RO/RO vessel the Falaise, when whilst serving my apprenticeship in boat building with R Lower & Sons, I had the chance of being shown around this ferry while she was alongside the marine workshop berth, for overhaul. I was taken round the engine spaces and down into the tiller flat area (Rudder location) what a maze of pipes, heavy equipment, and various other gear associated with a steam turbine steamer.  It was interesting to a youth in love with all things nautical whether it be a boat or a ship, plus I saw places you don't usually see. My godfather was a marine superintendant at these workshops up to the early 1970's (Mr Ken Goodyear). He moved to Fishguard to carry on this roll at the South Wales port until his retirement.

By Chris Young ( Shipwright / Boat builder )
On 21/12/2008

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