Photo: Illustrative image for the 'DIEPPE RAID 1942' page

From the private collection of Brian Urry

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'DIEPPE RAID 1942' page

From the private collection of Brian Urry

The Canadian Landings

By Brian Urry

These photographs are from my father-in-law's (John Burgess) collection of photo's. They are of the Canadian forces who were based at Newhaven who were sent to test the German defences in Dieppe 1942. I'm not sure how he got hold of the pictures - he was a Military Policeman.

This is an important piece of Newhaven's history. These were very brave men.

This page was added by Brian Urry on 17/03/2008.
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These are the pictures that bring home just how brave these men were, Brian. Nice to see them.

By William Still
On 19/03/2008

I have also seen photos like these in books. These are available to view at 'Newhaven Maritime Museum'.

By Richard Beckett
On 09/04/2008

A relative was a war bride from Newhaven who married a Canadian tank driver who was billeted in Newhaven. That's why I, along with a number of uncles and aunts, ended up in Canada. I also live close to a Canadian Military Base and it's attached Legions and sadly, very few veterans know that there is a memorial on the quayside to the Dieppe Raid, let alone that they are remembered fondly in Newhaven.

By Rob Patten
On 22/05/2008

These photos are of German origin and were sold in Dieppe after WW2. They  show what happened during and after the ill fated "Dieppe Raid" of 1942.

By Pete
On 06/06/2009

I found this most interesting.  Does anyone have any further information on canadian involvement, in particular about Ernest Frederick Hartrick.  I am his son and struggling to find information about him.  Many thanks in anticipation.

By ernest hughes
On 23/08/2010

Vous avez à Dieppe le Musée de l'Association JUBILEE Mémorial du 19 août 1942 Place Camille Saint-Saêns 76200 Dieppe Philippe

On 12/11/2010

I lived in Denton for many years and used to walk my dog over Mount Pleasant. One day I met a man and we were discussing where the Canadians were billeted on the Mount and in Denton, my curiosity was about the partly buried corrugated steel shelters in the side of the Plantation. But what shocked me was that this man was bragging about the looting that went on when  a lot of the Canadians didn't return.

By Richard Mcmillan
On 20/05/2011

During the war our house in Beresford Road, Mt. Pleasant was apparently inhabited by French Canadian soldiers. I now live in Canada and the story of the Dieppe raid is certainly very well known by knowledgeable people. A few years ago, I was in a restaurant in Dieppe with a Canadian man - not a veteran - and when the people on the next table realised that he was Canadian - although being born after the war  they were overjoyed to meet him, shook his hand, and thanked him. I thought it was very moving! I do know of the memorial on the beach in Dieppe. There is a memorial in a small hamlet near here to six young men who went to defend the mother country in the first world war and never returned. I say hello to them every time I drive by and tell them they are not forgotten!

By lily blin
On 22/09/2011

I have a letter written to my mothers family from a Canadian solder who was billeted with them prior to the Dieppe Raid it is dated Sunday April 12th 1942. It is a funny tongue in cheek letter written from somewhere in the UK. How anyone can write like it in those black days beats me. If anyone wants to read it I can always post it to this site.

By Shirley Harrop
On 07/03/2014

Hi Barry,

I hope you will get in touch with me via the site administrators. I'm researching my grandfather’s part in the Dieppe Raid. He was a wartime volunteer who served on LCT121 (or LCT5 as it was named for Operation Jubilee). His craft is the one burning in the background of one of the photographs you posted. He was the only crew member of his boat to get back to England that day. It was a terrible day for all those who took part. I'd like to chat to you about the photographs, if possible. Thanks for sharing them on the site.

By Phil Mills
On 22/12/2015

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