Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FORT ROAD SKATE PARK' page

Sylvia Woolford

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FORT ROAD SKATE PARK' page

Sylvia Woolford

Photo:New Dirt Bike Track

New Dirt Bike Track

Sylvia Woolford

Photo:New Dirt Bike Track

New Dirt Bike Track

Sylvia Woolford

Social or anti-social?

By Tash West

My experience of Newhaven skate park is that it is a very social place where people meet. The skate park is a very busy place in the summer, a place where everyone likes to be with their friends and have a good time whilst watching some of the boys demonstrate their skate-boarding or skating tricks on the ramps.

In the background of the last picture you can see the the Newhaven football stand where the local football clubs, Seahaven Harriers, Newhaven Panthers and Newhaven F.C. play their home matches

I always found the stand a very friendly place and very exciting to watch the action from, especially when my uncle used to play football, and my grandad used to referee.

Cricket is another sport played here on the pitch in the recreation ground and these matches attract people from other local towns who come to watch their team members play.

The Shakespeare Hall is also close by on the edge of the recreation ground and an after-school club called N.I.P.P.E.R.S. is held here to cater for children of those parents who work late and need their  children to be looked after.

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Does anyone have any photos of the recreation ground before it became a skate park?

By Sylvia Woolford
On 22/08/2007

The Skate Park behind Fort Road Recreation is not very good in my opinion. It was a waste of money, especially the metal ramp which was not a good idea.

By sean
On 04/01/2009

As a local who uses the skatepark on a daily basis I have many views on the park. As many people know the design of the park was made approximately 10 years ago, so when it was built it was what skaters wanted in the 90's. All the skatepark needs is a few things added and a sort out. I and many other would like this to happen but as we all know there is a very slim chance of this happening......

By Connor English
On 31/07/2009

As a local too, I agree with Connor this park has aged and it has a very 90s design to it. Not just that though, during the wet and damp winter the ramps begin to rust which makes the park more dangerous. It's easier to put a hole through a rusted ramp than a brand new wooden ramp. Maybe looking into an indoor skate and parkour park would be an idea. Could mean a new business or a thing for a charity, that way the ramps couldn't get damanged or vandalised and kept clean 24/7. We don't want the skate park to be somewhere for people to be scared of but to have fun in at all ages. Remember you wouldn't want your kid to go through a rusted damaged ramp and knock themself unconscious.

By Mike Baker,13
On 14/12/2009

Just to say that the skate park at Fort Road is invaluable to the kids in the area, they have a huge part to play in the growth of the area and the community as a whole. Let them have ownership and take responsibility and make us all proud of them for a change.

By anna baker
On 14/12/2009

i (I) dont agree with the skatepark. its (it is) full of bullies and trouble causers (makers). c(C)hildren just grafitti over it, and it just makes n(N)ewhaven look like a mess! a(A)lso it(')s very dangerous,(.) i (I) mean last week a boy was on the ramps and fell of(f) his bike and cracked his head open, and i(I) think he got (was) taken to hospital coz (because) i(t) was that bad! it wouldn(')t surprise me if he got (suffered) concussion! i(I)t is very dangerous and a disgusting sight(,) and it(')s a waste of money!


By Demi
On 08/07/2011

I think Newhaven skate park is alright but there is are too many teenagers who hog the ramps and prevent the younger ones from using them. We younger ones would like to use them as well so maybe there should be two skate parks, one for the younger skateboarders and one for the teenagers, then we could all enjoy ourselves. The people at the skate park are good on scooters and bikes but if we younger ones try going up the ramp they make fun of us.

By Callum Payne & Thomas Woods
On 22/11/2011

Demi...of course people have the odd fall it's a skatepark! ''Very dangerous'' would you advise people to not use a bicycle when they are young just in case they fall because it is 'very dangerous?'. I like the park but ye(s)h does get a bit rusty but at the time (when it was) of it being built it was good...better then that heap of junk in Seaford anyway.

By Lee Mitchell
On 29/08/2013

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