By Brian Urry

I only know John Burgess but all the other faces look familiar!

The date on the ball is 57/58 - was this when the photo was taken?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'EASTSIDE ROVERS' page

From private collection of Brian Urry

This page was added by Brian Urry on 12/03/2008.
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I know some of their names:

Back row: ? ,?, Bob Nightingale, Ingram, Rex Saunders, ?, John Burgess.

Front Row: John Tompsett, Alfie Ring, Stevens, Dave Smart, Freddie Ring. Not sure, I think it could be Don Stevens.

By Trevor Townsend
On 27/03/2008

Trevor, are you the same guy that showed me how to catch Tench in "The old River" in the early 60's?

I lived in Folly Field.

By Ian Bishop
On 24/05/2008

It is Don Stevens and also the goalkeepers christian name is  Horace.

By Keith Fuller
On 01/06/2008

I am sorry I gave you some false information on the goalkeeper's christian name in the Eastside Rovers football team photograph.  He was known by must people as Horace but that was his nickname, his christian name was Peter.

By Keith Fuller
On 04/06/2008

The goalkeeper is Peter Ingram. He is my brother & lives in Seaford.

By kathleen Goff (Ingram)
On 12/04/2010

The man on the end in the dark suit i think is my Granddad Charlie Cowley

By Janet Jenkins
On 24/07/2011

Goalkeeper (middle back row) is my Dad, Peter Ingram

By Simon Ingram
On 29/07/2011

Back row 2nd left Sonny Folwel.l

By Lisa Downey
On 26/04/2021

Is this the Sonny Folwel that married a lady called Peggy and in the early 50s lived in a Nissan hut at Fairholme Road?. If so, I lived in the hut opposite them and remember them well. At that time, Sonny had an old motorbike and would take me on the pillion and we would ride all the chalky roads over the Downs and to Poverty Bottom orchard etc. I was about 9years old at that time. Living on "The Mount", then were fun days with complete freedom.

By Colin Brandon
On 30/04/2021

I lived up there with the "Hut Dwellers" at 8 Sea View Road. behind the house of the Matron of the searchlight home.

By William Still
On 01/05/2021

Hi Billy, I remember you and your family very well. There was lots of us young kids up there at that time. Wonder where they all are now!.

By Colin Brandon
On 02/05/2021

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