1996 Remembrance Day Parade

By Heidi Watkins

I wonder where they all are now, can you see yourself .

Me (Heidi Watkins) in front as Drum Major and Geoff Donaldson as Bandmaster.

The Newhaven Youth Marching Band meet at the Shakespeare Hall, Fort Road, Thursday evenings from 6.30 - 8pm, and Sundays from 10.00 to 12.00. If you are aged 8 or over why not give it a try. You do not need to read music or already play a musical instrument. It costs £1.20 a week, and you will be supplied with an instrument and a jacket. Next meeting Thursday 22 April.

Photo:Coming down Meeching Rise, near Saxon Rd.

Coming down Meeching Rise, near Saxon Rd.

Heidi Watkins

Photo:NYMB in 1995 taken at the Recreation Ground Fort Road.

NYMB in 1995 taken at the Recreation Ground Fort Road.

Heidi Watkins

Photo:Newhaven Bonfire night 1997, Newhaven Youth Marching Band preparing to march

Newhaven Bonfire night 1997, Newhaven Youth Marching Band preparing to march

Sussex Express & County Herald Oct. 17th. 1997

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I can see David Gillman, Martin Rowe, Lucy Murige and Graham (can't remember his last name).  I remember you (Heidi) and Geoff, he was a nice man.  Is the band still going?

By emy lewry
On 25/09/2008

Yes, the marching band is still going.  I am a member of the band, and Geoff is still the band master.  We still have the bright blue and white jackets and are still playing lots of venues.

By paige stevens
On 13/10/2008

Sorry emy
I didn't get back straight away, but you how it is.
Yes, I can say that NYMB is still going but maybe not as strong as it used to be.
I can remember your brother Danny, he played side drum for a while, and was good friends with David Gillman (Gilly). I am still playing in bands and play for Heathfield Silver Band, Seaford Silver Band and Wealdon Brass.
The Heathfield Band takes part in some of the Sussex Bonfire parades and we often meet up with the NYMB.

I am also the County of Sussex Trumpeter to The Royal British Legion (playing Last Post and Reveille) all over the country.  I was invited out to St Helen's Tasmania Australia to play for ANZAC Day in April 08. I also made history last year, when I was the first civilian to play Last Post and Reveille on Horse Guards Parade London.  On the 4th Nov 08 I'm playing Last Post for the Canadian High Comission in London, so I have come a long way since the days in NYMB. I thank Geoff Donaldson for starting me off in my musical career.

By Heidi Watkins
On 27/10/2008


By geraldine urry
On 31/10/2008

Hi Heidi
Saw you in the paper AGAIN - glad its going so well for you and glad you didn't catch me in the photo!
All the best

By Toni
On 03/11/2008

Newhaven Youth Marching Band, long may it rule!

By rebecca
On 26/03/2009

Hi. My brother, David Gillman is getting married on the 17th of July at Saint Michael's. He has said he would like your band to play at his wedding and if you can, he would like you to play the music from "Phantom of the Opera".

Simon Gillman

By simon
On 20/09/2011

Hi all, We now have a facebook site please have a look and join us for up to date info, search Newhaven Marching Band and you can see photos, articles and contact old members xxx

By julie
On 18/12/2011

Hi Hiedi, you should remember Aaron and Jamie. Well Jamie is in the Royal Marines, serving in Helmand, in 42 Commando, and Aaron is a manager of an I.T company. Is the band still going? I am trying to get hold of some photos/films of some of the events they were in, we lost all of ours in a fire several years ago. Many thanks and keep up the good work. You are doing so well with your music, Give my love to your mum and dad.

By Angie Phull
On 01/02/2013

The boy on the far right in the last picture is called Richard Cooper, I went to junior school with him (Southdown)

By Guy Stevens
On 26/07/2013

Hello Angie, really pleased to hear that your two son's are doing well.  The N.Y.M.B. Closed down about 2 months ago.

By Heidi Watkins
On 23/09/2013

Shame the band had to fold. Loving the young Luce Meurig.

By Kay Meurig-Bowden
On 16/09/2016

I miss the marching band and so does my girlfriend. Will try and start it again.

By Dan Buckley
On 21/02/2019

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