Swans pictured by Denton Island in 1962

By John Hills

I can remember my father whistling to the swans, which were down by the Denton Island Bridge and this is the sight that greeted us, looks like a good 50 or so came swimming up to us that day in 1962!!

Photo:Swans by Denton Island

Swans by Denton Island

M. W. Hills

Photo:Feeding the swans by Denton Island

Feeding the swans by Denton Island

M. W. Hills

This page was added by John Hills on 17/03/2008.
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Nice to see Trotter again John, did he sleep with his pipe? I have often wished that they had put lock gates each end of Denton Island to keep the water level (as shown) for us locals and to draw people to our town for waterside activities etc. The town centre could have then been built on the island precinct style, all public parking left where our town used to be!!!. Super pictures John , keep them coming. What was the white prefab style building on the town side on the first photograph where the gents toilet used to be, I can remember a car sales site being there between the toilet and Wharnes Stores, but I think that must have been earlier than 1962?.

By Colin Holden
On 19/03/2008

The slides were dated stamped 1962 ... Colin, so assume that is when they were taken.

By John Hills
On 20/03/2008

Had'nt seen this page before John, my brothers and I loved your dad especially Peter. I didn't know he was a swan whisperer. I used to go fishing around there and always got loads of swans around me, now I know why!

Looks like there were at least 50 swans that day! Terry. Expect he was feeding them bread not sold from the previous day from "Funnell's Bakery"!

Yes my brother and I also fished from the Denton Island bridge for eels and flounders, good old days!

John -- Editor

By Terry Howard
On 16/02/2018

Hi John, see what you mean! Could also be due to, shall we say, "unsavoury" contents of the river. Merry Christmas to all.

Quite so...Merry Christmas to you Ian and thank you for your input.

John  -- Editor

By Mr Ian Bishop
On 24/12/2023

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